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We are looking to get married in the next year and are really looking for a venue to fit our budget and needs. We are only planning on having approximately 60-70 people so it does not have to be a huge place. I do prefer there being a patio... perhaps a garden area?? The biggest problem is I need it to be in close proximity to a garden area for photos and ceremony. I haven't found a lot of this in the GTA. Our budget for the meal and venue cannot be anything over $10K which sounds like very little but can get us a lot if we aren't dead set on a large hotel etc. I do not like any sort of banquet halls --- again, I would like it to have a nice outdoor area. Also it does not have to be in the GTA as long as it is not past Milton area on the West.

Does ANYONE know of a good affordable place we can try?? Please not all the general venues... I've seen them all --- Grand, Hart House, Patella Mansion, anything like this. I need some outside-the-box thinking.

Please help...



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  1. What about a buy-out at a small restaurant that you love? Something that has a lovely patio area. I'm sure that many small places could make it work on your budget it you're not set on a sit down dinner.

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      Oh and one place I forgot that may be suitable (but requires a catering) is The Richmond. They seat about 80 ppl for sit-down and can hold about 120 for a cocktail reception. Right downtown and a space that a lot of ppl don't really know about. I only remembered it b/c of an email I got today.

    2. You could try Archeo in the Distillery District. You might have trouble with availability though.

      Distillery District
      55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

      55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A3C4, CA

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        Give Le Select Bistro a call. They might just be the right size for you. I believe there is a patio. I can't comment on the price, but a restaurant is definitely the way to go if you don't want to spend $$$. I'm throwing a party at Cava soon (max. 53 seats) and the buyout is about $6,000 before taxes and gratuities. 50 of us can eat our way through the menu and have lots to spare for drinks/wine. Consider a medium-sized restaurant, but not one that is super high profile. By the way, I called Origin as well, and the space is too large for my group. The buyout is $10,000 before taxes and gratuities, but with 70 people it might work for you.

        Le Select
        432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

        1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

      2. it is more west than you'd like, but the Ancaster old mill has a beautiful space with great food...and if you hold it on a Sunday-even cheaper

        1. What about something like the Estates of Sunnybrook?

          1. There are lots of options - plenty of small restaurants would be happy to work with you. One of my faves for this type of thing: Pallucci (www.pallucci.ca) on Mount pleasant (at Davisville). Talk to Chris - he's great. It's right across the street from the park and close enough to the Belt line - could make for some cool pics.

            Or....what about a cooking school? I once held a party at Cirillo's (www.cirillosacademy.com). It was fun, delicious, and very reasonably priced. The space is beautiful, but I'm not terribly familiar with the area so I don't know about parks. Work with Margit, she's amazing.

            Relax, there are plenty of options. Be open and enjoy it!

            523 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

            1. We got married at Oakham House - part of the Ryerson campus, and it was AMAZING.

              We had the run of the place - three different rooms -one for ceremony, cocktail and dinner (and even rooms to hang out in before the ceremony). The room costs, linens etc were all included in the per person price.

              Don't let the pics on the website fool you, it's much nicer in person. There are exposed brick walls and wood beam ceilings. With some simple decor, table cloths, chair covers, flowers and candle-light it totally gets 'wedding-ed' up very nicely.

              For a downtown Toronto wedding, it has to be the best value. Our guests still rave about the venue, food and service.
              Menus are here: http://ryersonstudentcentre.ca/sectio...

              Seriously, name me any other place in Toronto where you get decor, open bar, DELICIOUS three course meal, cocktail reception, room fees, chair covers, for $75 pp??!!

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                AstridG- anything else you can tell me about that venue? Can you post any pics? $75 pp sounds about right!

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                  I can name you a couple of other places that don't feel like you're getting married in a classroom? We found the venue to be completely opposite of what a "wedding venue" should be, but that was us and to each their own.

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                    please do tell OOPC! what did you find?

                2. I second the recommendation for Le Select Bistro. Other venues that could meet your criteria are:

                  The Arts and Letters Club

                  The Argonaut Rowing Club (you would need to hire a caterer

                  The Rectory Cafe (Toronto Island

                  The Island Yacht Club

                  Good Luck!

                  1. Check out Caffino Ristorante - http://www.caffino.ca/ .

                    My sister had her wedding there with 65 guests. The food was great and the staff was amazing to work with. You have the run of the entire dining room, bar, courtyard and patio.

                    I highly recommend it.

                    1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

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                      Kiwe Kid,
                      Thanks to you I have a wedding venue and reception! Cheers!

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                        You're very welcome! You're going to love it...and surrounding area is great for pictures too. The carpet factory area is reminiscent of the Distillery District back drop.

                        Distillery District
                        55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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                          That's two weddings at Caffino from your recommendation. We got married there in June of this year and it was fabulous, we got a lot of compliments. Not only is the food/service great, but the restaurant's decor is to die for. I didn't have to do a thing;).

                          1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

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                            I am so happy that it worked out! Congrats on the wedding!

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                              thanks so much KiWi! I too am considering Caffino. Im wondering what your cost ended up being per person? Was it a seated dinner?

                              1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

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                                hello evanna just wondering if you ever got a response on what the cost ended up being per person @ Caffino. I too am looking to have my wedding here, and got some quotes from the owner, however based on consumption bar which worries me a little. Any additional info anyone could add would be great

                    2. You want outside of the box? How about the Brickworks? It's not a formal garden but you could have the outdoor ceremony in the natural gardens/ponds behind the buildings. They are ramping up to start doing events and the like, they have a catering kitchen up and running. Don't know if they would hit your price target though.

                      1. I realize I probably missed your deadline but I hope this review helps others. We got married at the top of the CN Tower (70ppl) last summer and it was surprisingly affordable. I only reached out to the Tower after some surprising quotes from vendors and caterors. I didn't even think for a second it would be in our budget. The venue was perfect as over half of our guests were from out of town so it was nice to give them a tourist attraction to thank them for travelling.

                        We reserved a section of the Horizon's restaurant for $1500 which included tables, linens, cutlery, EXCELLENT Scenary of course, and everyone's ride up the tower, where all my guests were treated like royality bypassing the lines. There are a few food options from 80-35 p/p. They were not very flexiable on the menu though. I personally didn't think the food was amazing, it was decent for wedding food and my guests got a choices of main courses and we had passed apps for the cocktail hour. Please note: I am very judgemental on food though! We did an open bar and the drinks were on par (even cheaper than a hotel or the distillery) with Toronto. The wine was rather expensive though. Our total bill for 70 guests was around 11K, with the upgraded menu, passed apps and friends & family that drank A LOT!!! Ugh.

                        There was room for a dance floor and overall the staff was great and we now have a place for our anniversary dinners.

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                          I'd like to add some information as well to hopefully help other brides as I have just finished visiting lots of unique venues for a wedding reception for 60-80 guests in Toronto on a Saturday evening and I had trouble finding price points on-line.

                          Atlantis Pavillions - the event would have been held in the skyline room which had fairly low ceilings and a banquet hall type feel imo. the cool thing about this room was that the dance floor overlooks the water. the prices for the packages were pretty good ranging from $90 pp to $105.95 pp. it says on the website that you need a minimum of 75 people for the room in order for the $1500 venue fee to be waived, but the coordinator we met with said that she could make the minimum number for fee waiver to be 60 people. the package prices were non-negotiable on a saturday night, but I got the sense that there was negotiating room on Friday or Sunday receptions

                          The Faculty Club - its located on the U of T campus. this venue was absolutely gorgeous and the manager was amazing to deal with. She is an expert in etiquette and this really shows in the way that she runs the Club. The staff is incredibly polite and efficient, the food is phenomenal (we had lunch in the bar downstairs) and the decor is beautiful and elegant. we would have booked this venue except that it was out of our price range by a couple thousand dollars. the prices are online, but the minimum on a Saturday is 75 people at $75 pp. there is a room rental charge depending on how many rooms in the house you use. there is one wedding on-site at a time. http://www.facultyclub.utoronto.ca/

                          The University Club of Toronto - its located on University Avenue, but you can't hear any noise from the street inside. it is also a beautiful building and there is only one wedding at a time. packages range from $65 pp - $100 pp for food. the bar is charged by consumption. there is a venue fee of $2,000 if you are not a member and the minimum food and beverage spend is $4,500.

                          Estates of Sunnybrook - McLean House - beautiful venue, but the space seemed to be very tight for our number of guests and the dining area had an odd L shape which made placement of the head table a little difficult. Also there can be two weddings in the same house on one day (so afternoon reception and then an evening one). And we were told that if we had the evening reception we couldn't come any earlier than 6:00 pm to take pictures, even if there was no afternoon reception. The rental fee on a Saturday is $2,500 and the minimum spend is around $7,000 or $8,000. On the phone the coordinator said she could discount the rental fee by $500 but by the time of the meeting she seemed very reluctant to give the discount. Also, there are no package prices - the prices that they have online are "suggested packages" that they have really just made up from their a la carte prices.

                          Old Mill Inn - this venue was really pretty but it had too much of a banquet hall type feel for us. the coordinator was great to work with and she was flexible on prices. a wedding reception of our size could be held in either the Humber Room, Balmoral Room or West Minster. the package prices were entirely reasonable from $92.75 to $129.75 pp. The room rental fees are around $150. But the idea of having a large number of wedding receptions being held at the same time didn't appeal to us.

                          Weston Golf and Country Club - this is located in the west end of Toronto. it is a really pretty venue with the reception area overlooking flowers and the first hole. There is only one venue on-site and the rental fee is $750. The coordinator is great to deal with and the packages are $48 or $56 for food and $40 - $46 pp for the bar. I've been to a wedding reception there and the food was great.

                          Black Creek Pioneer Village - this is a really unique venue with no rental fee. packages are a $100 pp and there is quite a variety of choice in the entrees. there are only two weddings on-site at a time - one is "outdoors" and the other "indoors". and guests receive free passes to the village which is a bonus if there is time to kill between the ceremony and the reception.

                          Old Mill
                          21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA