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Oct 13, 2010 07:30 AM

Concord NH, need special place for Birthday Celebration

Help. Taking parents out for special 75th B-Day Friday, have tickets to Capital Center for a concert after dinner. Mom said, Thai, but recent reviews for local Thai restaurant on Main St were VERY poor. Can anyone suggest a nice/special spot for adults, pre-concert, that isn't too "date night", or filled with kids? Would like to treat to a hidden gem, but not familiar, since the economy tanked, we have been eating/cooking at home. 4 grown ups, but know that parent's don't like too spicy or too international. Suggestions from my fellow New Englanders?

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  1. Hi,

    The Thai place isn't that bad, but if your concerned about it I understand, not really an occasion that you'd want to gamble on.

    So, for a staple there is always the Common Man -Standard American food done well.

    Lets see, Sunny's Table is good, its a mix on Korean/Asian fusion food using local and fresh ingredients. The menu changes just about daily depending on what ingredients they get:

    Angelina's is pretty good, although it is mostly a dating place

    If they like Mexican food Hermano's is a popular spot as it is very close to the theater as well.

    Lastly, the Barley House, it is an upscale pub directly across the street from the capitol building, the food is good, there won't be many kids, and for dinner the atmosphere will be busy in the bar, but the dining room should be fine. Its mostly filled with lawyers and politicians and whatnot.

    All of the places I have given you are located within a mile of the Theater along Main St. or just off of it.

    Barley House Restaurant
    132 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301

    1. Granite restaurant at Centennial Inn is a special occasion place:

      We had a good meal at Sunny's Table. Barley House for 75 YO might be a little too frat house. Common Man is reliable for unadventurous tastes. There's been a lot of buzz on this board about a Chinese place called Sunshine Oriental.

      Barley House Restaurant
      132 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301

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        Sunshine Oriental is located in a little strip mall, fast food kind of place. It's fun and quick but not the right atmosphere for a birthday celebration. The owners are very friendly and gracious but there are only a few tables. Mostly a take-out kind of place. If you aren't looking for fancy it might be good to try some different dishes like their dim sum menu. There's one board that has to be translated but it mostly different kinds of stir fried vegetables. The chef's specials are more authentic Chinese but there are plenty of items on the menu that are the typical Chinese restaurant things.
        The other suggestions are good.
        If you want quick and close, we like the Chinese food at Beijing Tokyo which is walking distance of the Capital Theater.

        Sad to hear poor reviews for Siam Orchid. We really liked it there but since the little Asian Delight place in Franklin NH is a closer drive for us, we've been going there.

        Asian Delight
        330 Central St, Franklin, NH 03235

        Beijing Tokyo Restaurant
        61 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301

      2. I had my 50th at Granite Restaurant in the Centennial Inn and loved it. The food was fantastic, service was outstanding. It's not a "bring the kids" type place. Has very creative dishes but also nice solid: salmon, scallops, filet mign, sirloin, etc. dishes too.

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          For an 8:00 curtain you'd probably want to make a 6:00 reservation--it's definitely a place to have a leisurely experience.