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Oct 13, 2010 07:10 AM

Cast Iron delimma

So I just finished school and made my first (permanent) move out from the parents' place. They packed me a big rubbermaid container full of excess kitchen stuff they weren't using anytime soon, and one of the best things in there was a 10" Le Creuset skillet. It's enameled on the bottom with bare cast iron on the cooking surface, and I would just go ahead and season it, but it's got a wooden handle, so I'd rather not put it in the oven.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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  1. Are you sure it's bare cast iron, and not black enamel? I think Le Creuset skillets are enameled inside, and the enamel is black. But I'm in no way certain this is true of every single piece they've ever made with a black interior. However, given the wooden handle, there's a good chance they didn't mean for your skillet to go in the oven.

    Here's their website: You can call or e-mail them. They're very good about responding promptly.

    1. Caml3,

      I wonder the same thing as Jay F. It may not be bare cast iron.

      1. Cam13, If the interior IS bare cast iron: (1) you do not need to put it in the oven to season it; and (2) the wooden handle will screw off should you want/need to put it in the oven.

        1. It's NOT bare cast iron inside - it's black matte enamel. Doesn't need seasoning and shouldn't be seasoned. Just use it as is. I take my comments back if the inside is rusted but I'm betting it isn't. I have an old LC skillet exactly like what you describe.

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          1. re: Nyleve

            Awesome, thanks much. I didn't realize because the outside should also matte black with a decade and a half of filth, it was blue enamel after i did a bit of excavating with small knife. Guess I'll get to scrubbing then.
            Thanks for the input everyone!

            1. re: Caml3

              I've heard that the black build-up on the exterior of old pans is actually a good thing, helps distribute heat better or something.

          2. While enameled is more carefree than plain, keep the wooden handle dry. If it must soak or go in the oven, see if it can be unscrewed.