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Oct 13, 2010 04:33 AM

Bittman's How to Cook Everything app -- favorite recipes?

I've been using Mark Bittman's HTCE app on my phone a lot lately. A couple of recipes I've made from the latest round of updates have been delicious:

Caramel Walnut Bars (shortbread crust topped with walnuts and caramel) and
Yellow Rice (saffron, red pepper, tomato, allspice, etc.).

Other favorites:

Jim Lahey's No-knead Bread -- I'd never made this until I got the app, but it has changed my life
Soft Fruit Sorbet -- I made this with cantaloupe over the summer and it came out perfectly
Everyday Buttermilk Waffles -- perfect taste and texture
Pasta with Mushrooms
Chocolate Tofu Pudding -- supereasy, delicious
Socca (chickpea pancake)
Beer-Glazed Black Beans

Anybody else using this app? What are your favorites? Anything that hasn't worked? I've found a couple of duds myself, but most of the recipes I've tried have been delicious.

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  1. In April of this year the Cookbook of the Month was Bittman's HTCE. Here's a link to the discussion thread and all the links to the reports of dishes that were made by those who participated in the cook-along.

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    1. re: Gio

      OK, thanks. The app is a bit different from the book as the recipes don't overlap perfectly--not everything in the book is in the app, and as I understand it new recipes, not from the book, are added periodically to the app. I was also hoping to spark a discussion of cooking from the app, using the built-in features such as timers and links to other recipes.

    2. I only have the free part of the app so far, which seems a little boring. I've been wondering if its worth upgrading? How often have you received updates?

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        I don't really know what's in the free app. I've had the paid version for a few months--no earlier than June, because that's when I got my current phone--and there have been a couple of updates in that time.

      2. how does the paid app differ from the free?

        1. I liked everything I tried from his "fish" section. It was more of a general technique learning experience than a set of specific recipes. I have a better idea now of how to pan fry fish, for example,and which fish take to this type of cooking. I roasted cod and potatoes together according to one of his recipes/ideas, and found out I was right: I really DON'T like cod.