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Oct 13, 2010 12:08 AM

Mamie Nova

Is there anywhere in Manhattan to find Mamie Nova products? Citarella, Fairway, Dean and Deluca don't have it. Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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  1. Just curious. What is it? I thought - a brand of Nova Scotia salmon? Dismissed that and got curious.

    1. I just got back from France and am having the same problem of finding Mamie Nova products. If you have found anywhere to get them let me know. I have even looked online and still no luck!

      1. They are available from The Gourmet Corner in San Mateo, CA but not for online ordering, I'm afraid. I spoke with the owner of the shop and he believes he is the only one importing them into the US. Here they go for $5.99 for a pair of yogurts.