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Oct 12, 2010 08:31 PM

Cup of Truth (Melbourne)

Melbourne is filled with great espresso, it has really been a pleasure to check it out, and we have been checking it out, since our machine is still back in Sydney. Some of the places we have tried:

Seven Seeds
St Ali
Proud Mary
Three Bags Full
Dead Man Espresso
Brother Baba Budan
Birdman Flying
Social Roasting Company

I still want to try Outpost and Cibi. I like how the places that really really care about espresso are friendly towards each other and are happy to share info. I love the breakfast at Dead Man Espresso. I would go to Brother Baba Budan more often, except the space is so small.

but lately our favorite has been Cup of Truth which is a tiny place underground as you leave the Flinders St station. They don't serve any food currently and have maybe five stools you can sit on, almost everyone gets it to go. Not only is the espresso delicious, but the two people working there are so friendly and sweet and they remember us and chat with us. It is also convenient for where we live and where we are going. It feels like our local comfortable place, where we are known and can drink delicious smooth tasty espresso. They have a Syneso.

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  1. Good find - so that's in the Degraves Street subway?

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    1. Cibi's coffee can be pretty off if they are getting slammed. However, I do love the place.

      1. We've also visited The Basement on La Trobe, 1000 Pound Bend, Atomica, Brood Box (while it was there), Sensory Lab, New York Tomato, and a couple others.

        Still we go to C.O.T. most mornings for our coffee. The coffee is excellent, and when it's on, it's really on - but the people are what keep us coming back.

        P.S. Birdman Eating.

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          We were back at Proud Mary yesterday and I had a fantastic short mac single origin Kenya. They were slammed and still did fantastic shots.