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Oct 12, 2010 08:27 PM

Good Italian in Ft. Worth?

Other than Nonna Tata, does anyone know of any other really good Italian restaurants in Ft. Worth?
I need a good suggestion for Friday evening.

Nonna Tata
1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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  1. Wish I knew of one. Although this is off topic, I'm really excited I got a spot in the December 4th cooking class that Donatella is doing at Colleyville Market Street. I still haven't tried Nanna Tata, but I figured the cooking class would be a fun way to sample her cooking.

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      Really!? I wonder if it's sold out?

      On topic, I've heard good things about about Taverna.

    2. We're seriously considering Piola because it will be a nice night to eat "al fresco" and they are supposed to have a very lovely patio as well as decent enough food.


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        Had lunch at Piola a couple of weeks ago. About a dozen of us went there after a meeting. There was only one other table occupied (it was around 2PM) but our waiter forgot my wine and then brought me the lobster/avocado salad instead of the lobster raviolis. The salad was very good, with a nice tarragon dressing. Everyone at our table enjoyed their meal and everything looked and smelled good.

        I've read other posts about the service there, and also complaints about the gratuity tacked on for larger parties. The patio is lovely and with the weather we've been having the atmosphere would be nice.

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          Thanks, Barbara. I've read some other negative comments about this place elsewhere but, as we're not expecting a revelation with regards to their food, I should imagine the al fresco dining will more than make up for any faults in their service.

          1. re: twinwillow

            The food was, OK. Nothing, earth shaking. But, the patio was worth the trip.
            Service was ecxellent except for one small glitch. A waiter (not our waiter) brought our salads before we had even finished our appetizers. I asked (sarcastically) if they were closing soon or needed our table? He got the point and our regular waiter came over and told us (very politely) to just let him know when we were ready for our next course.
            All in all, it was a lovely evening.

      2. Although it is not in Fort Worth, the best Italian food in the area is found at La Gondola in Mansfield. The Scallopini Saltimbocca, veal rolled with prosciutto, fontina cheese, sage in white wine sauce, is a platonic dish. Service has been excellent every time we have been there. Well worth the drive from Fort Worth.

        La Gondola
        1211 E Debbie Ln Ste 129, Mansfield, TX 76063