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Oct 12, 2010 08:01 PM

Slow roasted big cuts of meat???

I have 30lbs of pork butt and brisket in the oven at 250 for the last 6 hours. Can I turn it down to 215 and let continue slow cooking overnight? Is is all in safe pans and tightly covered in foil.
Thanks much for any help!

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  1. How big are each piece of meat? are they touching? Usually those cuts of meat take between 1.5-2:00 per lb. if the cuts are separated treat them as two individual pieces of meat. if they are touching, you could probably go on vacation and they still won't be cooked.

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      There are 2-5lb briskets on the top shelf of the oven under the same foil, and 2-10lb pork butts in a large rosting pan which is also covered with foil on the middle shelf.
      I just tested the temps and the briskets are at 180 degrees and the butts are only at 135 degrees. I also have 1-10ld butt in a crockpot on low for the same time and it is at 185 (should I turn it to warm from low?)...I also have 1-10lb butt on the smoker outside and the temp hasn't gotten very even out of warm, but it is getting great hickory smoke (can I leave it out there tonight if I add more charcoal at midnight?)
      Thanks so much!!!

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        The 10 lb on the smoker should be fine over night. the briskets should be done at at about 195. They might be done while your sleeping. Sounds like the pork butts have a way to go though. Do your thermometers have an alarm on them?

        A good trick is you can pull the meat when they have reached temperature wrap them in tin foil and then wrap them with a bath towel, and put them in a ice chest (no ice). they will stay hot and moist for up to five hours. Good luck.

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          If I leave them in the oven on a lower temp, will that keep it all from going dry? I don't need it until tomorrow and would like to now deal with it overnight (I might not wake up) If so, what temp should I leave the oven on overnight???
          Thanks so much again!

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            And sorry, no timer on the's the old style with a gauge, not digital...
            Might I just want to turn down the oven to 195 for overnight? The other butts should be good from what I understand you :) The one in the Croc is now on warm for the night and I just put a few more coals in the bottom of the smoker and made sure it was sealed tightly, and it seems good!
            Thanks again!!!

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          I just moved the butts up in the oven and the brisket to the lowest shelf. It is a gas oven, but heat rises, right :)

        3. At this point, you could set the oven to whatever you want the final temp to be, and leave it alone. This is an old-school method (most famously championed by Adele Davis), who was known for roasting the entire time at 195 or whatever the goal temp was. Nowadays people who worry about meat remaining in the 40-140 degree danger zone too long modify the process by starting at 375-400 for a half hour or so (depending on size of roast) and then turning the temp down to, in this example, 195. Any germs on the meat would probably be restricted to the surface, where the initial higher heat would kill them.

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            Thanks much!!! I will set it at 195 overnight and get it cooled to handle and then I will pull it apart to have shreded with some BBQ sauce ;)
            Thanks again for this big help!!!

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              Hum, well, how did it turn out?