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Oct 12, 2010 06:58 PM

Row House, Topeka Ks.

I was in Topeka for a couple of days last week. I found Row House on a local website. Got to tell you, we had a lovely evening there. I called Thursday for a reservation for 5 people that same evening. The staff was very accomodating, asked about food preferences and allergies and worked on a late time at our request. The menu is prix fixe at 36 bucks. There were seven courses (for 36 bucks!) focused on local ingredients, and we downed a couple of bottles of a very nice and reasonably priced Oregon Pinot Noir. The food was excellent. I sincerely hope that the folks in Topeka and those who travel there keep them busy. It is quite an undertaking to to sustain a restaurant like this in this economy in a small town like Topeka. They also recommended Blue Planet which I tried for coffee and crumpets the following day and thouroughly enjoyed as well. Hats off to all connected with Row House. Great work!

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  1. Thanks for the update Bim... have heard of the place but have not had the chance to get there yet. So what did you like? Or is it a nightly menu? Even better if it is.

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      Row House is aptly named as it is in an old town house in downtown Topeka. My initial impression was that it was a warm place (lots of old brick, wood, fireplace, etc). It is relatively small which adds to the overall charm. It is also relatively quiet which I like (hate not being able to have a conversation). The staff was professional and friendly without being familiar (another plus for me). The menu chages daily, so best to check their website for their current offering. When we were there, it included a salad with pears, apricots, gorgonzola, etc., a squash soup with a touch of curry, a small, subtle but complex (4 cheeses I think) bite of mac and cheese, an entree of both chicken and tenderloin with root veggies and desserts which included a blueberry cake, chocolate and a brulee. All of the portions were small enough that I could eat them all and I have a rather small appetite. I felt they very very balanced in terms of size and richness. The wine list was small but I had no problem finding a Pinot and a Malbac that I liked. I live in Virginia and in Florida. A mult-course prix fixe menu like Row House's is usually at least 80-100% more expensive, so I also liked the value. Another plus for me is that you will notice that on the website, that the owner also suggests other eateries in Topeka. Nice to see someone support the local food community. That can be a rare thing is the food biz.. Anyway, my thoughts. Hope you give it a try.

    2. My parents live in Topeka (I grew up there) and they took my brother and his wife there for their anniversary, and they loved it as well. It's nice to have a more upscale restaurant in Topeka, especially one serving good food. I can't wait to try it myself!

      1. We have friends who live in Topeka and have been there on five or six occasions, never to be disappointed. Row House offers a well-balanced, midwestern-esque menu; many of the ingredients are fresh and purchased locally. They have a decent wine selection and I never feel price-gouged when ordering a bottle. Our service has always been top notch - once I commented that I really enjoyed our dessert so the waiter wrapped up an extra small-bite to send back to KC with me. I highly recommend Row House when visiting T-Town.