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Oct 12, 2010 05:35 PM

family-friendly restaurant needed in wayne, nj

going pumpkin picking at farmsview this wknd. would love a recommendation for a family-friendly restaurant in wayne or the vicinity. thanks!

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  1. Wayne is pretty large, but Chengdu 23 in the West Belt Mall (on Rt 23 behind Willowbrook) has excellent Sichuan...

    1. We always enjoy The Barnyard on Totowa Road in Totowa near the Passaic County Golf Course. They have the best burgers and some nice pastas as well with always reliable service. Just in case you were wondering, they do serve beer and wine.

      1. And don't forget The Grasshopper in the Mountainview section of Wayne...also great burgers and pub fare. Enjoy your selection!

        1. Farmsview is near Route 23. If you don't mind chains, Macaroni Grill is pretty close (on Rt 23) and is very family friendly. A bit closer is Tiffanys (Tiffs) also on Rt 23. The parking lot is always pretty full, so it must be decent. Gillys is on Newark Pompton Tunrpike and is family friendly. For Italian there is a small Italian restaurant tucked next to the former Saturn dealership on the corner of Rt 23 and Jackson Ave (CR 504). I forget the name, but it has very good word of mouth and it is right up the road from the farm.

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            TIff's is definitely a family-friendly option; just know that it's also likely to be full of football fans eating/drinking/yelling at games...