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Oct 12, 2010 05:15 PM

Rogue States Future?

Upsetting news about what some of us believe to be the best of the many burger joints at Dupont: Superior Court Judge John Mott has ruled in favor of law firm Steptoe and Johnson in its suit against Rogue States, and the restaurant will have to cease grilling operations by the close of business today.

DCist has a brief story at

I just visited RS, and found a big sign in the window confirming the decision. The lady I spoke to was hopeful, and suggested following developments through twitter or the RS web site.

Steptoe's suit claimed that exhaust fumes from RS had caused nausea, headaches and general annoyance. (The irony of a law firm suing someone else for causing nausea, headaches and general annoyance apparently escaped them.


Everything at RS was half-price when I was there tonight. Don't know how long that will last, but RS's usual "close of business" was 5 AM.

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  1. Rogue closed effective Tuesday. They reportedly will reopen on 14th street.

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    1. re: CDouglas

      They're not the burger place that's opening in the old Garden District space at S and 14th, are they?

      1. re: hamster

        Sounds like they will reopen at 1931 14th Street in the former Bargain World Inc. space.