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Oct 12, 2010 04:41 PM

Buying a Food Processor for Meat/Dairy/Pareve

I'm considering buying a new food processor and am looking at the KitchenAid KFP 760. The standard setup includes 3 bowls: a mini bowl, a 10 cup bowl for the shredding/slicing disks, and a 12 cup bowl for the standard blade.

It seems as though one could use the mini bowl (which comes with its own mini blade) for pareve and the 12 cup bowl and blade for meat, and then just buy one extra12 cup bowl and blade for dairy, and be able to use the same motor and housing for all purposes.

Does anyone have experience with this model? Are there any exposed parts other than bowl or blade that would make it impossible to just switch the bowl and blade to convert from meat to dairy?

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  1. You'll need an extra bowl, blade, cover and pusher which will likely run an extra $120. It's a workable plan, but expensive.

    1. Would you be using your processor on hot meat or dairy foods? If not, bear in mind that if everything is cold and not charif, as long as you wash it well, you can use one bowl for everything.

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        But you'd need different blades at least, for real meat or dairy, and so many things you process in a processor are charif--onions, lemon juice, etc.

        And some people just wouldn't be comfortable using one bowl for even cold meat and then cold dairy. I wonder how many people would mix up a meatloaf or hamburger mixture in the same plastic bowl that they would later use to make chalavi pancake mix in, for example. I'd bet it would not be too many, even if the actual halacha allowed it.