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Oct 12, 2010 03:45 PM

Uses for Italian Parsley?


I was planning on doing fish tacos tomorrow, and bought 3 big bunches of cilantro to make up the créma and tomatillo salsa vérde.

Except I grabbed from the wrong bin, and it was Italian Parsley (flat leaf) instead.

What do I do with it? Can't find many recipes online.


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  1. you can use it exactly as you would have the cilantro. things just won't have that specific cilantro taste. or you can just give it a good rinse and serve it plain for sprinkling on top, like plain parsley, mix it in with a salad, etc.

    1. For the tacos, I'd pop out & pick up some cilantro if it's at all possible. While Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley is one of my favorite herbs (I grow it every year), as a taco topping? Eh. Now as a healthy addition to white clam sauce for pasta - or really any pasta sauce - YUM!! Same goes for almost any soup - minestrone, chowders, chicken noodle - pretty much the whole gamut. Chop/mince into almost any sauce as well; chop/mince & use to garnish/pretty up almost any dish. The uses are pretty much endless (except for those tacos - lol!), & I'm literally never without a bunch in the fridge or growing outside in the garden.

      1. Salsa Verde-the Italian sauce, not the Mexican one. I make, and love, the version in Joy of Cooking, which is somewhat different than this recipe, but both use lots of parsley:


        1. It is widely used in Spanish (no Mexican) recipes.

          1. tabbouli. there are different kinds of parsley salad in middle eastern cooking. you can turn it into a pesto, or use it as a base for a pesto with another strong herb, like oregano or sage.