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Oct 12, 2010 03:43 PM


Anyone else get a $50.00 credit/gift card in the mail. Whats the story on this?

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    1. I did, and I used it last Friday night. We sat in the bar and ordered from the 5-for-6 happy hour specials. Between the two of us, we had one glass of wine, one bbq shrimp appetizer, two prime burgers, and two desserts, and all we paid was tip. Be forewarned, though - when I presented the card, I was told they only accepted it in the dining room and not for happy hour specials. I didn't see that on my card, and they never mentioned it when I called to make a reservation/activate my card and I subsequently advised them that we would be sitting in the bar. So, they ended up taking it, but the bartender told me they've been having lots of problems with these cards!