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Oct 12, 2010 01:45 PM

Food Shopping Help

I'm new to Chowhound as well as to South Florida/Fort Lauderdale. I read through a few pages but didn't find this topic - but if it is on here previously and I missed it, apologies

So I recently moved here from the westside of LA and became a bit spoiled by the amount farmers markets and specialty food shops. I am SURE south florida has more to offer then I have found on my own so I thought I would ask those in the know....

First off - any really good Asian food markets? One with ingredients AND prepared foods? I am sorely missing my hook up for fresh made tempeh and kimchi and spicy diakon radishes etc etc, as well as all the ingredients for cooking. I am allergic to Gluten so I eat a lot of rice based things and sushi

Any advice would be very appreciated Thanks!

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    1. Welcome to South Florida. And yes, you were spoiled (I grew up around Culver City/Mar Vista so I what you're dealing with) so you've gotta temper your expectations.

      I'm not familiar w/ Asian markets in Broward, but I know areas like Tamarac have a decent Asian population and probably have a few markets. I think there's been discussions about markets/prepared food places but can't recall the threads.

      As for farmers markets, again, temper your expectations. They're not great here, but have actually gotten better. Again, Broward is not my strong suit, but in Miami the Pinecrest market is probably the best one. There's also a couple of CSA's (Bee Haven Farms is a good one) that I believe deliver to Broward. Keep in mind growing seasons are wacky here. Most of our produce comes in the "fall" and "winter" months - strawberries, tomatoes, greens, etc. grow between now and around April, while spring and summer is all about mangoes, avocados, lychees, etc.

      Good luck with exploring!

      1. I am also not a Broward County person, but generally speaking a few places you may want to check out ->

        Josh's Organic Market - sets up on Hollywood Beach (on Sundays?). To my understanding, not all locally sourced but organic and high quality.

        Delaware Chicken Farm - good source for poultry and seafood. When I was growing up in Hollywood eons ago, there was also a produce market attached; don't know if it's still there or if so how good it is.

        Triar Seafood - also Hollywood. I've not been but it's been recommended to me by others whose opinions I trust.

        Epicure Market - high end "gourmet" market in Sunny Isles (toward the north end of Miami-Dade County on the beach-side).

        I don't know Asian markets in Broward, but in Miami-Dade you can check out Lucky Oriental Mart in South Miami or PK in North Miami.

        Here's a couple older threads that mention some Asian markets (including Korean) in Broward ->

        Epicure Markets
        17190 Collins Ave Sunny Isles, Bch, FL

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        1. re: Frodnesor

          I shop at Delaware all the time and the farmers' market next door is still there and very good - although it is mostly basic produce - you won't find anything too unique. Tried to get arugula there one day and they didn;t have it - for that matter only Whole Foods had it of all the places I went to. It is called Brothers Market.

          There is another "farmers" market on E. Oakland Blvd at Andrews - Alexa - but you can can only shop there on Friday and Saturday when the produce just comes in and is still fresh.

          A good Asian Market is on 441 just south of Commercial in the Silver Pond Shopping Center. Exellent choices of all Asian products but they do not have prepared foods. A litlle further down int he next strip mall is a very good Korean Barbque hole in the wall.

          Josh's market is great but take out a second mortgage to shop there - and it is open on Sunday form 9:00 am until it is all gone.

          Good luck!

          Silver Pond Restaurant
          4285 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

          1. re: DolceFarNiente

            Forgot to mention the Meditteranean Market right in your hood on Los Olas. Give it a try - they have some good cheeses, wines, prepared foods, fish and meat - excellent quallity and surprisingly afforable give the location.

        2. I have not lived in Broward for a few years but i used to go here for Asian Supplies

          P K Oriental Mart
          2350 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33322-3051

          (954) 748-5971 () ‎

          P K Oriental Mart
          255 NE 167th St, Miami, FL

          1. I haven't been but I hear great things about a farmer's market in Hollywood (east). Not sure where, because I live in Plantation and we have one about half mile from my house. I think the Hollywood one is bigger. I'm checking out Delaware Chicken Farm today - pretty excited about the seafood aspect.