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Oct 12, 2010 01:18 PM

Dinner at Le Petit Dejeuner

Hit up LPD for dinner this weekend - having been there in the past only for their excellent brunch.

I'm happy to report that dinner is just as good. They have a small card of bistro-centric dishes which is unfortunately not online but it includes lots of the standards - salads, pate, moules, steak (a yummy baseball cut served with bernaise and veg/potato). I don't recall anything breaking the 20 dollar mark and lots of items were substantially less.

Service was warm and friendly and the ambiance is nice at night. I was very surprised the place wasn't busier but think that many (like me) primarily think of it is a brunch spot. I urge you to give it a try if in the area.

Le Petit Dejeuner
191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

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  1. Perfect timing - I was going to post a question about dinner here. I'll be in town soon and really wanted to check it out. .

    Everything I've heard makes it sound like a great place for a comfortable, casual dinner and somewhere I can take a family member who likes really good Euro-centric food

    Thanks for this review!

    1. Definite thanks for this! I've been meaning to try dinner there forever and this is just the boot in the pants I needed. :)

      1. Someone replied on my blog's post about their brunch saying that their dinner is just as awesome as their brunch...AND you can get waffles for dessert! I'm looking forward to it! I love those waffles

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        1. re: ekim256

          I may be that someone. But... now I must report that after years of great meals at Le Petit Dejeuner we had our first disappointing one this week. This also happened to be our first visit since the new dinner menu launched a few weeks ago, and since they opened their spin-off location Goed Eten on Ossington. I'm desperately hoping this visit was an anomaly, but I'm worried now that the heart of this restaurant has picked up and moved west.

          The beef stew, previously a standout, was quite awful. Gone were the pressure-cooker tender chunks of beef in rich gravy that went great with the frites. In their place were chunks of grayish dry mystery meat with no sauce. The baseball cut steak was cooked correctly to medium-rare with a good texture, but it had next to zero flavour aside from a slight metallic tang, and while I could see the bearnaise sauce with my eyes it also didn't taste of anything.

          As if in compensation for the drop in quality, the quantity of the food has suddenly shot up. This applies mainly to the frites (now called "fries" on the menu, but thankfully just as good as I remembered) which are now served in quantities not normally seen outside a US chain restaurant. In fact, in both dishes the food was all piled together: meat, salad greens and frites mixed together in a big heap as though shoveled onto the plate by one of those guys you see on on the streets of Toronto half-heartedly tossing loose asphalt into potholes. Not a big deal in itself, but odd.

          If I had a mediocre meal like this at another random restaurant, I might not care that much: but knowing how great and consistent this place has been for years made it more heartbreaking. Combine that with the fact that prices seem to have jumped (they charge $16 now for that stew) and I'm left feeling burned, frankly.

          And as a final symbolic kick in the teeth to those of us who have supported this King East location for years, that beautiful enormous painting of Bruges that used to hang on the east wall of the restaurant is gone, replaced with nothing but blank brick. And lo and behold, as I'm typing this I come across a Now Magazine article about the opening of Goed Eten on Ossington, and there's the missing painting, proudly hanging on the wall behind the chef. This seems sadly fitting.

          Please tell me this was just an off night and I'm reading waaaaay to much into one visit... I am somewhat heartened by more positive recent comments above.

          Le Petit Dejeuner
          191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

          Goed Eten
          188 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7, CA

          1. re: Gary

            It was you :-) No updates on your paintings lately, I hope you're still going at it!
            And oh-noes @ your mediocre meal =( I have a tentative Le Petit dinner date in late Nov (I know, I plan way in advance for food :P). I hope things aren't going downhill from here...

            1. re: ekim256

              Thanks for the review. My colleague had dinner at Le Petit recently and only had good things to say about it. I hope to try it very soon. Especially the steak, I hear.

            2. re: Gary

              I wholeheartedly agree. Just went tonight. Won't be returning. :(

          2. There was a restaurant on Parliament , north of Gerrard in the late 80's and early 90's which I think had the same name and was run by two brothers. Its this place run by the same owners?