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Oct 12, 2010 12:44 PM

Brunch or Dinner at Wynn Buffet?

So if you had to choose between doing the Wynn Buffet would you pick Brunch or Dinner?

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  1. Personally I find 99.9% of buffets to be more exciting on the surface than they are in substance. It has been years since I went to The Sterling Brunch at Bally's but I remember it fondly for its quality. I decided this past trip (Sept. 19th to be exact) to give the Wynn Brunch buffet a try. I was super impressed with the selection although it seemed a bit disjointed. Quality wise, it was ok. I was not worthy of a $35 price tag IMHO. Best thing: Whole roasted hand sliced peppered bacon. Wow was that delicious! But then again, it's bacon. Most everything else was mediocre like the Eggs Benedict. Good egg, hollandaise and Canadian bacon but soggy English muffin. The Buffet at Four Seasons on the weekend is far superior in quality to the Wynn but has much less to choose from. MUCH less. So now that I have not even come close to answering your Brunch vs Dinner question I would say that I would choose dinner as it seems to me much easier to put out dinner food in bulk and quality than it does brunch. But given that neither are cheap I would avoid the buffets and head to…

    I guess the question to ask is "Are there ANY buffets that meet Chowhound criteria?" My simple short answer is no.

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      LOL, I was going to suggest brunch, so as not to ruin an opportunity for a good dinner elsewhere.
      I always end up with a comp and just fix a "normal" sized plate for breakfast or lunch. You could certainly do worse for buffets though and one plus, very few kids at the Wynn.

      1. re: BubblyOne

        If I were comped I would eat there too. And I suppose I agree about the brunch aspect. Too many good places to have dinner. At the end of the day, w/drinks it would be about the same price to head to Raku and eat like a king!

    2. From experience I'll tell you when "not to go" to the Wynn Buffet.
      Don't go for dinner on a Sunday, lots of things seemed like they were left over from the Sunday brunch.