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Oct 12, 2010 12:29 PM

lunch in Cold Spring

Going to Cold Spring this weekend. Evening dining will be Le Bouchon and C's Tuscan Grill. (These were selected by others and are unchangeable.)

At lunch, I need something in town (I won't have a car) and good for one person. I don't need elegant (but I'd like more than cold sandwiches or salads) and I will probably be reading at lunch so I need a place that won't look askance at that.


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  1. great dinner choices...maybe hudson house for lunch...they have a small deck right on the river where you can read to your hearts content...but view will distract you!

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    1. re: corky

      I'm actually staying at the Hudson House so it's maybe a good idea to check out their cuisine. How is the Depot restaurant in the old railway depot?

      1. re: adorno

        What ever you do dont step foot in the railway depot.There is a tuscan place and a french place across from it.Both very good and lightyears better then railroad depot. unless your a biker of course:)

        1. re: ronhall51

          even ron knows of cathryns and bouchon(if not by name)...and he's right about the depot)

          1. re: ronhall51

            Any other ideas, though? The two places you mention are the ones I'm already set to go to for dinner.

      2. riverview restaurant basically on the hudson if you dont count the parking lot:) theres also a homey one waitress diner type next to the bed and breakfast only problem is lunch can turn into dinner there:)

        1. The Foundry Cafe is my favorite, despite the sketchy service. Try the rice and lentil burgers. They are crispy and come with a big salad and apple sauce. They serve a great breakfast too. Oatmeal with the works or omelets.

          1. Lot of solid options, even better if you have a car (which I know you don't). The Depot is mediocre, not bad, but nothing special, the Foundry is good but the service/wait is awful. I'd say Hudson Hil's is a solid choice, I also am a fan of Whistling Willies burgers at the top of the hill. Riverview is more of a dinner choice, but the food is good and the view (as the name says) is impressive.