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Oct 12, 2010 11:43 AM

Parisa Restaurant in Verdun

Has anyone tried Parisa Restaurant and would you recommend it for a group?

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  1. Haven't tried yet but done all the rest...not so sure about it....looks kind of thrown together..let me know.

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      We're a group of 15 that has reserved for lunch tomorrow. It's BYOW, which already sounds promising. I'll let you know our experience.

      1. re: naturelle

        Here is the review that I promised. The owner prepared a Table d'hôte menu offering two appetizers, soup and roasted eggplant spread with pita bread (pita was substituted with a soft baguette type bread) plus the choice of one of three main dishes:
        1. chicken breast brochette with rice and dried cranberries, roasted tomato, mesclun salad
        2. roasted eggplant spread, chicken peas, French fries on grilled beef with salad
        3. omelette with fresh herbs, pecans and cranberries, salade and grilled tomato.
        Having chosen the chicken breast brochette, I cannot comment on the other dishes, as a few of us ordered upon our arrival and received our food in a timely manner, while the balance of the group had to wait for their food for nearly an hour. The chicken breast brochette was tender with 4 nicely spiced pieces, and the bean soup was filling and the eggplant purée was tasty, but a little too tomatoey. Portions were adequate. With coffee but no dessert, all for $12.95 This restaurant is not ideal for a large group that can only spare an hour for lunch.

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          It just got a great review in the Gazette so I expect this thread will light up soon...

          I moved just around the corner from here and we've been a few times.

          Pros: The food is quite good. The soup is amazing, it really is worth trying. We also love the lamb, it's beautifully done. Prices are very reasonable and who doesn't love a BYOW?

          Cons: It's just my opinion, but I think the ambiance is a little bit contrived, it just tries too hard, and the service leaves something to be desired. It's always the same waitress, and we found the service lackluster and unenthusiastic every time we've been.

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