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Oct 12, 2010 11:29 AM

Indian on Devon or Korean BBQ on Lawrence?

I'm planning a dinner for about 8 people and want to have Indian food on Devon or Korean BBQ on Lawrence (or in that vicintiy). Hole in the wall-type place would be ideal, but of course they'd have to be able to seat 8-10. ...

Any favorite Indian or Korean spots we should try?

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  1. Indian (well, Pakistani:)
    Khan BBQ on the SW corner of Devon and Western. The veggie dishes are not really the stars here (as you might expect,) but they are quite serviceable alongside the botis, kababs, and stewy meat dishes.

    Chopal, and Usmaniya are also in my rotation tho I haven't been to either in a while.
    If you want to go even "holer" in the wall, two places I like are Hyderbaad House, and Gareeb Nawaz. Hyderbaad House's menu is generally all good, but at Gareeb Nawaz, you have to order carefully. Seating at any of these shouldn't be a big issue, but Gareeb Nawaz might be difficult.

    1. Kang Nam on Kedzie just north of Lawrence is probably my favorite Korean spot. I've been with a big group and we had no problem at all. Great panchan, bibim bop, and soups, in addition to the BBQ.

      I really like gordeaux's suggestion for Khan BBQ, but if it's a quiet night, it lacks for atmosphere.

      Kang Nam Restaurant
      4849 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625