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Oct 12, 2010 10:39 AM


Super awesome

Gibassier - lemon, sugar rolled bun with vanilla.
The Crabapple tarts are gone but were unreal.
Pretzels coming next.
The bread is pricey but good
The buns are excellent and a bargain

Inglewood baking got better with the demise of nectar - it gets even better with the arrival of these ladies.

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  1. I agree!

    The sticky buns are really good. You can have them with or without nuts. Great to grab one to go before you start out shopping in Inglewood. I also like the pastries, they seem to feature a new one each week with whatever fruit is currently in season. I've had a peach and a plum one. Wow, could of swore I was in France.

    1. I 'could have sworn' i already replied to this thread, but maybe I dreamt it.

      At any rate, WildeGrainz is my goto shop right now for croissants in this city, they're fantastic. Crispy exterior with a nice flaky and airy center. As mentioned, their pastries are also very good.

      The bread is quite nice too, but at that price point, i likely won't be buying too many loaves. $8 for a small loaf is a bit steep for me.

      1. I had one of their free form loaf chocolate breads and it was very, very good. Now I understand why as they say it takes three days to make the bread.

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          I agree - the croissants are made of thicker sheets of dough - cooked to perfection - I feel like cookie monster with a deck of cards made of butter. This place is stupid good and their prices coexist with reality.

          1. re: Gobstopper

            Just enjoyed some Market Spice Tea shortbread - and an update on the bread - the Sprouted Grain bread is possibly the most satisfying winter loaf I've ever had. Nice.