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Oct 12, 2010 10:18 AM

Looking For a Very Simple Peach Recipe

I really like the taste of fresh peaches, and have six of them sitting in the fridge (I'm not using them soon). Problem is, I seem to have some sort of pectin allergy and if I eat them fresh my mouth and lips burn slightly. It's not a big deal, but it is pretty unpleasant. The same thing happens with fresh apples and cherries (although, strangely, never with blackberries). However, if I cook the fruit, everything is fine. One preparation of apples I like is to just peel, slice, and simmer in water until soft. That's it.

I'm wondering if something similar would apply to peaches? Ideas? "Baked peaches" sounds nice - could I just slice them and pop them in for a bit?


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  1. You could peel the peaches by dropping them in boiling water for 15 seconds or so, then in ice water immediately, then the peels come off easily. At this point, if you wanted to cook them slightly, you could just slice and heat in a pan with a little lemon juice (to prevent browning), and a little sugar or honey if needed. You shouldn't need any water, peaches are very juicy. If just the peeling is enough to avoid your allergy, you will need to eat them right away, or sprinkle with lemon juice so they won't turn brown for later eating. I hope this helps, fresh peaches are divine!

    1. baked peaches can be delicious; you can halve them and remove the stone, then fill the hole with something - i like some crushed amaretti biscuits with cocoa powder, sugar and bound with egg yolk - and then bake them about 15 mins in the oven. Tastes delicious with ice cream or cream, and you could experiment withthe filling (or not have a filling at all!)

      1. Search here for "peach crisp" or "peach cobbler".

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        1. Just peel them, cut them into thick slices, and saute briefly in some butter and brown sugar. If you want to add some spices, like cardamom, a bit of cloves and/or cinnamon, those go well with peaches. Or black pepper. Great as is; even better w/ice cream.

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            Agreed, but I think with peaches you could even do this without peeling. ( Messermeister brand serrated peeler easily removed peach skins without blanching). If you skip the spices and use some booze, it's similar to Bananas Foster. Plain, or over vanilla ice cream, mascarpone, shortcake biscuits, angel food cake, sponge cake, or pound cake.

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              I like this suggestion. Maybe I could melt a little butter, brush it on the slices, shake on a bit of cinnamon and cloves, and just bake for a while? Cobblers are nice, but in this case I really want to approximate a fresh peach.

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                I think you'll have more even cooking and flavoring if you use a wide, shallow pan on the stove. Easier, too.

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              oooh or fresh ricotta drizzled with honey! or make a whipped vanilla cream to spoon over butter sauteed peach slices. mmmm....

            3. My husband has that same stone fruit and apples allergy. It's related to having pollen allergies as a child -- there's some kind of immune system thing that goes haywire when you get older. Watch out for tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), they affect him the worst of all.

              I make a lot of peach crumble for him (just baked peaches with a brown sugar, butter, and oatmeal crumble on top), as well as the peach sauce you mention. Dried peaches from a dehydrator are also fine, although you wouldn't necessarily think of them as "cooked." Also grilled peaches are insanely good.

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                +1 on the grilled peaches. Halve, pit, and grill them (skin-side down first) until lightly charred and tender (careful not to spill the syrupy juices that collect in the center when you remove them to a plate). Top with a drizzle of reduced balsamic syrup and serve with vanilla (or maybe cinnamon? butter pecan?) ice cream. Amazingly good.

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                  Actually, re: allergies - nuts don't affect me at all. Coincidentally, I just ate a handful of walnuts (and I do so frequently) and am feeling fine. Go figure. Grilled peaches sound good as well, but I don't actually to have access to a grill at the moment. I have a stove, a microwave, and an oven - college dorm.