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Oct 12, 2010 10:16 AM

Lobster Shells

Does anyone know where I might look to find lobster shells, scraps, carcasses, etc? I'm making it for stock and only really need about 4 pounds at a time, but would like to know of a reliable place to find it. CM doesn't carry anything of the sort, and TJ's offers carcasses at around $5 a pound, but you've got to buy at least 15 pounds. Anyone know where I might be able to find it at a smaller scale?


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  1. Try Rex's on Lovers, perhaps after Lobster Roll Friday

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    1. re: the_sneeb

      That was a good thought; called Rex's, and though he was a very friendly and personable guy, he said he would only sell them in 20-pound bags directly from the supplier, though he'd be willing to sell me some of the stock he's already made ... might go that route if I can't find any other. Apparently he uses all his and then some.

        1. re: rvana63

          you might want to take twinwillow's suggestion and use Rex's stock... I've been warned that lobster stock generates a very strong and pervasive smell. However, if you do decide to make it yourself, I understand that most seafood places with live lobsters take the dead/dying ones and sell them as frozen tails and frozen lobster bodies. Rex's would be an example, except that they make their own lobster stock. But maybe some other fish market with live lobsters that doesn't make stock would be willing to sell smaller quantities (Central Market, maybe?).

      1. Try H mart at Old Denton and George Bush