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Oct 12, 2010 10:14 AM

What is Best Foodie Restaurant on Oregon Coast?

I am planning a special birthday celebrate for a real foodie who wants to stay on Oregon Coast. Recommendations? Thanks, Bob

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  1. Sir the Oregon Coast is over 300 miles long North to South from Cannon Beach to Gold Beach. Certainly you can specify an area you are interested in. Personally I would stay at Tu Tu Tun Lodge at Gold Beach and dine there overlooking the Rogue River.

    Tu Tu Tun Lodge @ 96550 N Bank Rogue River Road, Gold Beach, OR 541 - 247 - 6664.

    1. We are planning to stay at Tu Tu Tun Inn in January. We're willing to travel an hour or more for a terrific meal, though would prefer to stay near hotel, which does not serve dinner in winter.

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        Go to Port Hole Cafe for lunch or dinner. Riverview and Spinners are good also. Go to Spinners for dinner overlooking ocean serving good seafood and steaks. Nor' Wester is dockside with great view and fine dining. Brookings is about 30 miles S of Gold Beach. Go to Smuggler's Cove for a great romantic dinner. O'Holleran's Steakhouse and Lounge is also excellent fine dining for dinner 7 days a week. Go to Wild River Brewing and Pizza for cold drinks and fun food. Blue Water Cafe in Brookings is fun for breakfast, lunch or dinner serving good good and cold drinks.

        Port Hole Cafe @ Port Of Gold Beach, 29975 harbor way, Gold Beach, OR 541 - 247 - 7411.
        Riverview Restaurant @ 94749 Jerrys Flat Rd # 1110, Gold Beach, OR 541 - 247 - 7321.
        Spinners Seafood, Chop and Steakhouse @ 29430 Ellensburg Ave., Gold Beach, OR 541 - 247 - 5160.
        Nor' Wester Seafood @ 97444 Port Drive, Gold Beach, OR 541 - 247 - 2333.
        Smuggler's Cove @ 16011 Boat Basin Road, Brookings, OR 541 - 469 - 6006.
        O'Holleran's Steakhouse and Lounge @ 1210 Chetco Avenue, Brookings, OR 541 - 469 - 9907.
        Wild River Brewing @ 16279 U.S. 101, Harbor, OR 541 - 469 - 7454.
        Blue Water Cafe and Lounge @ 16218 Lower Harbor Road, Brookings, OR 541 - 469 - 5005.

        Port Hole Cafe
        29975 Harbor Way, Gold Beach, OR 97444

        Riverview Restaurant
        94749 Jerrys Flat Rd, Gold Beach, OR 97444

        1. re: Littleman

          Thanks for all the terrific recommendations. Do you have any for restaurants around Lincoln city and The Coho Inn?

          1. re: bobpowers

            Go to Beach Dog Cafe for breakfast or lunch. Or go to Wildflower Grill for breakfast or lunch. Both are outstanding. Blackfish Cafe is fine dining for lunch or dinner. The Bay House is great fine dining for lunch or dinner. Both are two of the best in the city. Lighthouse Brew Pub is fun for cold drinks and good food for lunch or dinner. Kylo's is excellent for lunch or dinner. It's 10/12 blocks S of Coho Inn. Fathom's is S of LC and fine dining with a nice view in Inn at Spanish Head. Go to Mo's for good seafood for lunch.

            Beach Dog Cafe @ 1266 SW 50th St # C, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 996 - 3647.
            Wildflower Grill @ 4250 NE Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 994 - 9663.
            Blackfish Cafe @ 2733 Northwest U.S. 101, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 996 - 1007.
            The Bay House @ 5911 U.S. 101, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 996 - 3222.
            Light House Brew Pub @ 4157 U.S. 101, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 994 - 7238.
            Kyllo's Seafood Grill @ 1110 Southeast 1st Street, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 994 - 3179.
            Fathom's Restaurant @ 4009 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 994 - 1601.
            Mo's Restaurant @ 860 Southwest 51st Street, Lincoln City, OR 541 - 996 - 2535.

            1. re: Littleman

              Yep, good recs, Littleman...

              Bay House and Blackfish are probably the best, though I have not been to Bay House personally.

              Kyllo's is always great for a drink and some plainly prepared seafood while watching the sun set...just don't order anything too fancy there, stick to broiled or fried fish or seafood and crab or shrimp cocktails and you will be fine.

              Not too far away is the Otis Cafe, a nice change for breakfast or lunch from the Wildflower Grill (which I prefer for lunch, and Otis for breakfast).

              Just please, don't eat at the casino (Chinook Winds). And if you do, just remember that I warned you. ;o)

              And I have had a good meal or two at the Side Door in Gleneden...but that was a while ago...don't know how it is now.

              Wildflower Grill
              4250 N Highway 101, Otis, OR 97368

              Bay House
              5911 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

                1. re: JillO

                  I second Side Door. Mmmm......... Good food.

                  Side Door Cafe @ 6645 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 541 - 764 - 3825.

                  Side Door Cafe
                  6645 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388

                2. re: Littleman

                  Thanks again. I can't wait. It's a special birthday for my husband. Bob

                  1. re: bobpowers

                    I hope you and your hubby have a great time. Always great to help family, Bob. ;o)

            2. re: bobpowers

              My husband and I recently returned from a week at Tu Tu Tun Lodge. What an incredible place! Of course, without the meal service, it will be different. The food at the Lodge was very good, and we did explore a few meal options in Port Orford and Gold Beach. I think your best bet for a 'nice' dinner would be at Redfish in Port Orford (maybe 30 minutes from the Lodge). We had lunch there and it was delicious! Decor, service and ambiance were all very nice. Great ocean views -- which probably will be of no consequence if you are dining at night in January!

            3. We go to the Lincoln City area regularly. I can't say enough about Beach Dog Cafe, but that would be for breakfast. That's quality,...... Otis Cafe is great for quantity which is good too. I made the mistake of celebrating my birthday last year with dinner at the Bay House and regret it. They used to be THE BEST, but in my opinion are now riding on their reputation.....perhaps a change in ownership/management? We have had the best dinners lately at The Side Door. We have found Blackfish to be inconsistent. We've had absolutely wonderful meals there, and not so good meals, so we always debate whether it's worth the risk. For the most consistent high quality special occasion dinner, I would go to The Delicate Palate in Pacific City. Fine dining at a reasonable price, we have loved everything we've ordered and we've gone there multiple times, the service is wonderful and if you're into wine, a great location for that too. And it's not so "fine dining" that you can't go in beach clothes.

              Side Door Cafe
              6645 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388

              Beach Dog Cafe
              1266 SW 50th St Ste C, Lincoln City, OR 97367

              Delicate Palate
              35280 Brooten Rd, Pacific City, OR 97135

              Bay House
              5911 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

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              1. re: lbsowen

                What's your favorite in Newport? Is Panache and Saffron Salmon on your list?

                What's your favorite in Depoe Bay. Is Restaurant Beck and Tidal Raves on your list?


                Saffron Salmon
                859 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365

                1. re: Littleman

                  Tidal Raves only for the view, not the food. So we do go occasionally if we can get a window seat. Researching Restaurant Beck is actually on my "to do" list today because we are going to the coast soon. Newport is usually too far from our homebase in Neskowin just for a meal, but we are willing to go for excellent food. Have not tried either one you mentioned.

                  Restaurant Beck
                  2345 S HWY 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

                  1. re: lbsowen

                    Have you been to Gracie's in Depoe Bay. It's more of a local's place and has been there a long time. The food is good too.

                    Gracie's Sea Hag Restaurant and Lounge @ U.S. 101, Depoe Bay, OR 541 - 765 - 2734.

                    April's in Newport is a nice friendly place for dinner with a great wine list. If you like fresh seafood go to Local Ocean Seafood for a nice view of the harbor and fresh seafood.

                    April's at Nye Beach @ 749 NW 3rd street, Newport, OR 541 - 265 - 6855.
                    Local Ocean Seafoods @ 213 SE Bay Blvd., Newport, OR 541 - 574 - 7959.

                    Delicate Palate Bistro in Pacific City is outstanding also. The duck is fantastic. You can eat in the bar or the dining room.

                    Delicate Palate Bistro @ 35280 Brooten Road, Pacific City, OR 503 - 965 - 9990.

                    Local Ocean Seafoods
                    213 SE Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365

              2. The Riverview in Gold Beach is closed. & in January any of these options might be closed for a bit.

                For a foodie I'd take them to the Cape Cafe on the south end of town (east side of 101), Gold Beach. Good food, nice ambiance, and emphasis on local ingredients. They have a small but nice menu with choices ranging from steaks, fish, and a veggie option or two. Generally uncrowded.

                Spinners would be a second choice for a foodie. More choices on the menu but similar range of choices although maybe not a veg option. Prices for both range in the 15-30 $ range.

                I really wouldn't nominate a third choice for a foodie although The Bridge north of the Rogue might qualify.

                Breakfast/lunches you might try Rolling in Dough on the north bank of the Rogue. Good food and relaxed dining.