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Oct 12, 2010 09:59 AM

Ba Bay: New Vietnamese coming to Capitol Hill

I'm very excited about this! Also, Nick Sharpe, former executive chef at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, will be in the kitchen. They are "shooting for a mid-November opening."

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    1. re: monpetitescargot

      No but I'm thrilled to have some Asian food on The Hill!

      1. re: monpetitescargot

        Happen to drive by it today, it still says "Locanda" on the front. The windows have paper in them and looks like permits on the front door. Several weeks ago we saw someone working on the roof.

      2. cool, that area needs more Asian, hope it's good. now can we get any investors for a Japanese place?

          1. re: Giggling Gourmand

            I went for lunch. There is some very good food coming out of the kitchen. My +1 had the Banh Mi of the day, which was short ribs. I tasted just the bread, which was wonderful. She loved the sandwich. I had a noodle dish (shrimp and pork broth, can't remember the full name) which contained lots of lean, sliced pork and slices or a sausage/pate type thing that I often find in Asian soups. This was a nicely spiced, deeply flavored dish. The shrimp flavor was clearly present in the broth. The serving was quite large, so unless you are starving you will have leftovers.

            We shared the salad (cabbage, forget the name) which was fine and definitely sized for sharing. The house pate was unimpressive - very little flavor. Skip that and try something else!

            The staff were just wonderful, too. Try it! I think you'll be pleased.

          2. SO, Nick Sharpe is gone, but i have to say when we went for brunch this weekend the food was AWESOME.

            They have several more traditional-esque vietnamese dishes on the menu now (although I wouldn't compare it to an "authentic" vietnamese restaurant... )

            Wings are still to die for - best in the city i'd say. The crab-rice noodle stir fry was fantastic. However the game-changer is their new bahn mi sandwiches. On sunday, they had several offered for brunch including a classic style, a meatball, and one with fried eggs. We got the egg version and it totally rocked.

            To be honest, with most places near eastern market always super crowded on the weekends for brunch/lunch, i'd choose Ba Bay in a heartbeat.

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            1. re: scotcheroo

              We stumbled across this today, impressed by the branding and signage and the nice sparse feel of the restaurant.

              Great pricing, good variety in the menu and decent wine list.

              The staff were very warm and helpful. Excellent service.

              And the food was superb. We had the classic banh mi and the bread, mayonnaise and meats were absolutely top quality. A rich, full, satisfying meal.