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Where to Buy Fresh Pasta in Stamford?

Where in Stamford can I get fresh, handmade pasta to cook at home? TIA

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  1. maybe fratelli market off high ridge

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    1. re: missmar79

      definitely Fratelli Market


      1. re: gillyweed

        Thanks, Fratelli's sounds great. I didn't see tagliatelle listed on their website, is that something they make sometimes?

        Fratelli Restaurant
        181 Main St, Derby, CT 06418

        1. re: fooodie

          Not sure - I've never specifically looked for it. Can't hurt to ask!

          1. re: gillyweed

            Fratelli's didn't have fresh tagliatelle, but I will certainly frequent there for other fresh pastas.

            Fratelli Restaurant
            181 Main St, Derby, CT 06418

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              And when Fairway opens on Nov 3, they should have fresh tagliattelle. Fratelli's is prepared, cut, and packaged elsewhere, I think in New Rochelle, which gives it a bit of a manufactured feel rather than homemade, like from the incomparable Borgatti's on Arthur Ave (which will spoil you for anything else) An alternative is Villarino's on the Post Road in Cos Cob who gets his sheets from Arthur Ave,cuts it onsite, replete with a sprinkle of corn meal to keep it from sticking in the butcher paper wrap.

              1. re: louuuuu

                Totally agree, but it's the best I've found to date in Stamford. Certainly beats buying Buitoni. I'll have to try Villarino's, but it's a bit out of the way. I can't wait for Fairway to open!

                1. re: fooodie

                  Nov 3rd is Fairway Day! Almost there! :)

                  1. re: amanda3571

                    wow...welcome back. where you been. did you find what you were looking for in Delray?

    2. I visited Fratelli Market for the first time recently. I was disappointed to find out that most of the pasta was not made on site, nor was fresh, but frozen. (Obviously, I understand that it has to be frozen). I admit that I set the bar high, but it just didn't taste that great. I can get good, if not better, stuffed pasta at Trader Joe's, and will look forward to trying Fairway's selections. Until then, I will rely on making my own, because, nothing has ever come close.

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        The fresh pasta from Fairway was great. However, they don't make tagliatelle.