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Oct 12, 2010 09:20 AM

10/14 recoommends for Breakfast,/lunch stop Portland to Manzanita?

Need a recommendation for where to stop by for breakfast/lunch driving from Portland to Manazanita on the 14th.
Ethnic is good. Truck stop food is good. Anything not chain-franchise is good.

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  1. Camp 18 on Hwy 26 is always a good, rustic spot!

    1. Nice view of Haystack rock and Cannon Beach and decent food at the Wayfarer. I am a big fan of the spinach/chicken/apple/cheddar salad, but I have had a decent breakfast there too.

      It is only about 20 min from Manzanita, so if you want to stop before that, Camp 18 is probably one of your very few options.

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        thanks, all.
        we'll look for camp 18.
        appreciate your speedy responses!