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Oct 12, 2010 09:10 AM

Pete's Roast Beef - Winthrop, Maine

Drove over to Winthrop recently to try out the new roast beef place. There aren't a lot of good places to eat in our area (Belgrade Lakes/Augusta) so when a new place opens we always are hoping for the best. We were very happy with the roast beef sandwich here. They roast their own meat and slice it thin. They have a number of sauces and we tried their bbq and their horseradish. Both were good. We had their largest sandwich and it was enough to take some of it home to have later. Prices are reasonable for the amount of meat on the sandwiches. Their coleslaw was good but they need work on their potato salad.
We read that the owners used to live in MA and missed the roast beef sandwiches they used to get there. We will be going back.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm always on the prowl for some good beef!

    1. I like Pete's too. I got the medium sized and it was just right. I had to re-arrange the meat on the sandwich to stack it more evenly as it was kinda hard to eat the way it was given to me. But defintely a fine addition to downtown Winthrop.

      Their steakbombs will have to compete with Tubby's just up the street. Any Steakbomb contest participants out there?