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The Marc, Edmonton

Went last week to this new restaurant opened by Patrick and Doris Saurette of Il Portico fame. A great little room (60 or so seats), with a french bistro theme. Some opening jitters, our waiter was a little nervous and not as friendly or knowledgable as those around him, and he did forget to bring us bread. Patrick and Doris were very active, helping deliver food, clear dishes, serve wine and generally host. Room is very comfortable, seats especially so, and it has a great feel to it. The food was good...the price point for entrees is mid range, the highest priced item at around $23.00. Portions were not huge, but the food was very tasty (Duck confit, lamb shanks, Halibut, and the Wild mushroom soup, beet salad and Steak tartare for starters). The duck was very tasty, if a little salty, the halibut was perfectly cooked, and the lamb shank was very nice. The wine list is reasonably priced, and not too large for know. I understand this is an opening list and will grow with time. Overall a very nice restaurant, and a real bargain in a town where $30 - 45 entrees are becoming the norm.

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  1. The wife and I used to to eat at Il Portico all the time when we lived in Edmonton. We always had great service and terrific food, and while not cheap, it always felt like a good value. I'm really looking forward to trying the Marc next time I'm in town - although I admittedly get more than enough French food here in Europe.

    1. Thanks for your review. My husband and I, like the other poster, always enjoyed an evening at Il Portico, so I am looking forward to checking out this new restaurant. Comfortable seats is an immediate plus! :)
      Thank you!

      1. Ate there last night. Room was quite busy but service did not suffer. My table enjoyed the acorn squash soup and the braised beef cheek as starters, then the cassoulet and the chicken supreme for mains. Chocolate cake for $6 made for a nice finish. I've had better cake but there are times when I'm not really in the mood for a rich $10 gourmet dessert, just looking to enjoy something sweet, and this was one of them. Nice selection of wines by the glass or half litre. In my opinion a half litre is a perfect serving for 2 people where one may be driving. My cassoulet was really nice because the beans were properly cooked and still had some nice firmness to them, not at all mushy. Overall, really good value and nice to see this place open!

        The Marc
        9940 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V1, CA

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            I am really surprised that they don't have a website??

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                thanks yes, I was Googling.

                they must use the same web designer as Jack's Grill, identical web pages.

                The menu looks great, will have to try next time in Edmonton.

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                  It's gotta be a free 'format'. I can't imagine two nicer restaurants using such similar (and boring) layouts.

          2. I ate at The Marc on New Year's Eve. They had 3 course meals for $44-$55, depending on the entree you chose.

            All of what I ate (frisee with tomato and smoked salmon, citrus duck breast, and Earl Grey creme brulee with blueberry biscotti) tasted very good.

            The person I was with had a chicken and mushroom crepe, veal chop, and artisan cheese plate. He also enjoyed his meal.

            I did have one issue, though. On the phone and on the website, the 3 course menu was quoted as $45-$55, but when we got the menu, it was mentioned that there was an additional option of a veal chop as an entree. No price difference was mentioned. I guess it was our responsibility to ask, but the $45-$55 range was mentioned multiple times before. When we got the bill, the veal chop choice ended up being $65. I realize that is only a difference of $10, but I think for a set menu, a $10 should be mentioned.

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              I agree, doubt it was on purpose but it kind of comes across as sneaky of them not to mention that the veal was $10 extra.

              A little surprised they are serving a salad with fresh tomatoes in the dead of winter. Not exactly seasonal produce.

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                Doefs (and probably a couple other growers) are selling hothouse tomatoes all year now, so it doesn't surprise me. Not quite as good as summer tomatoes, but passable and probably better than not having any on the menu.

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                  I happened to have a meeting downtown this morning so decided to try out the Marc for lunch.

                  Quite enjoyed it. Yes, I can understand why some feel it to be cold and stark but I liked "the look".

                  We were the first table in but by the time we were eating our lunch, Patrick was having to turn people away or suggesting the bar.

                  I had the Coq au Vin and my wife the Steak frites. Both were good, comfort food on a cold day. Nice size for dinner. Tasty, bistro. I noticed that two of my favourites, duck confit and steak tartare are on the dinner menu along with the cassoulet referred to above.

                  Had a nice bottle of decent Cotes de Rhone from Guigal which well with the food.

                  Will definitely be back.

                  The Marc
                  9940 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V1, CA

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                    Ate here for a second time last Thursday. Had a somewhat short notice reservation through Open Table (reserved about 90 minutes before). Arrived and had to wait for our table. The place was busier than I thought it would be right before the long weekend.

                    Waited at the bar, had a decent glass of French Syrah. Got to our table. Waited for 2 salads, which seemed odd. My only guess is that they knew the mains would be a long wait so wanted to try to pace it out somewhat.

                    Longish wait between salads and mains. We arrived for a 7:30 reservation and were still eating the mains at 9:15pm.

                    Small piece of foil paper from the butter wrapper was hidden in the herb butter served atop my steak. You can look at this 2 ways: 1) not a big deal, it's a food wrapper, it's clean & harmless, it is in contact with the food in any case 2) they didn't realize it was in there, which means they might not be paying attention to other things that might get into the food that are less innocent. I leaned towards (1) and told the server not to worry about it when she came over and noticed it on my plate.

                    Steak was yummy, frites very yummy, my wife really enjoyed her arctic char and lavender-honey glazed carrots.

                    The slow service and the foil took a little bit of the polish off for me, but the prices are attractive enough that I'll give them at least one more try.

            2. Ate at the Marc this past weekend and have mixed feelings about this place. The service was painfully slow (but it was Saturday night after all!) but what was disturbing to us was how I was treated by one of the waitresses (won't mention here name here) when I mentioned I had celiac disease. With CD you MUST avoid all cross contamination in addition to gluten and the kitchen must be made aware. I literally cannot ingest one single crumb of gluten. Not an easy thing when eating out. Anyway, I had not been treated this rudely in a restaurant for years. Perhaps it was because it was busy but she still did not have to literally roll her eyes and make a few snarky comments. It was uncalled for and my husband and I were both taken back. Her manner improved over the course of the evening (I am guessing someone heard our whispers and passed the info along to her) but it is tough to redeem a few rude comments by suddenly being drippingly insincere. However, Patrick came over to visit with us and was extremely kind.

              That said, our food was delicious and well prepared. My husband had pheasant, I had duck confit (plus starters and desserts). I would definitely be willing to return (this was our first visit) and give it another try just because the food was that good. Perhaps our waitress was having a rough night? However, I would really love to do without the rudeness. We dined at Wildflower Grill the previous night and they catered to me and bent over backwards to make our experience extra wonderful. Completely the reverse of The Marc.

              As there was what seemed to be a birthday party the room was quite loud with people trying to talk above others. Not a quiet romantic spot that evening. But as the room is open one can understand that possibility.

              1. Well, I see I had originally responded to this thread back in October of 2010 and finally had the opportunity to visit this restaurant with two other couples this past Saturday night. We really enjoyed ourselves and I am happy to revive this thread!

                The room was a tad noisy and we strained to hear our server's descriptions of the dishes, but I chalk it up to the fact that the place was totally packed, save for a few seats at the bar. I would rather have a hopping space than an empty one anyway and, as our reservation was for 9pm, we were drinking and living it up before going dancing, so our own conversations became animated to match the din of the room and as a result of the wine anyhow! The room was very tastefully appointed, modern but cozy as someone else mentioned in their review.

                Our server was soft-spoken but very knowledgeable and sweet. I love that she did not come off as "trying" too hard and when we spoke of other restaurants, she did not hesitate to recommend some competitors. Nice! Also, when I asked for her choice between two bottles of wine, she let me sample both - very classy. Both were very tasty too and reasonably priced. :) Also great cocktail selection although I regretted having a glass of bubbly to start - the bubbles were a bit "lacking". The margarita special was a good deal though, proclaimed one of the ladies (she did have 3). :)

                Now the food. Only 3 of us had starters .Two gents had caesar salads and I had the beet salad with greens and goat cheese. I can never resist a good beet salad and this was delicious. The lads enjoyed their salads as well and the cheese crisps sitting atop the greens were very pretty. There was a bread basket provided as well, nice and warm, but nothing really standout-ish. Bread and butter - simple.

                My hubby had the pork shoulder for his main which was very hearty and flavourful - and only 21 bucks. Great deal! I had the arctic char, as did another lady, and the skin was nice and crispy. Shaved asparagus and I think a creamy pea sauce accompanied the fish. Seasonal. One gent had the roasted game hen as he could not resist the description of "duck fat potato", and proclaimed that, had he been home, he would have licked the plate clean.

                Desserts, I was pretty full at this point, but did manage to get in on a lemon slice which nicely cut the richness of hubby's pork dish. Other companions had the chocolate cake. I wish we'd ordered the beignets as I saw them being delivered to another table - they looked crispy but airy. Next time! Espressos, and tea as well - we were able to linger until about 11:45 and never felt rushed.

                I would very happily go back to The Marc. Very reasonably priced food, very good service, and nice location. Why did we wait so long?