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Oct 12, 2010 08:48 AM

Boston Hound's Columbus Day Weekend in Houston

Just a little recap of my weekend eats:

Pho One(lunch): I had Goi Cuon, vietnamese spring rolls fresh shrimp and pork wrapped in rice paper, stuffed with fresh herbs, vermicelli, and served with our special hoisin peanut sauce - very good w/lots of fresh herbs. Entree: Com Xao Thap Cam, combo of shrimp, squid, fish cake, & imitation crab meat stir fried w/assorted veggies - 2 shrimp, 2 little curls of squid! served w/steamed rice -this was boring - should have gotten one of the pho's like most other customers. SIL's pho pronounced wonderful.

Raging Cajun(dinner): I had fried oysters & shrimp, onion rings and sausage & chicken jambalaya(yummy). My brother's key lime pie was great. SIL had the grilled salmon salad & loved it. Enjoyed the cajun music.

Bistro Le Cep(dinner & my favorite): I had escargot, rabbit & tart tatin. Huge double portion of rabbit (half of one), al dente haricort vert, & somewhat gummy spaetzle. Rabbit pink, juicy & tender. SIL loved her crab cakes & said they were spicy. Bro had the Poisson du Jour Meunière, which was red fish, & loved it. Be sure to look over this menu for it's wild boar, etc. The decor was quaint, music was old Sinatra, etc. & just the right volume. Service was excellent w/friendly wait staff. Prices were amazingly reasonable - Sunday night spec'l was $23.95 for any app, entree & dessert from the menu! I thought the event meals they have listed on their website sound reasonable & interesting - would definitely attend if I lived there. My rabbit sandwich awaits me for dinner tonight at home.

Phonecia's Deli(new place)lunch: I had the lamb swarma & fried cauliflower, pita chips w/tahini, garlic & hot sauces. They're definitely going to give the nearby Fadi's a run for their money.
Fadi's(lunch): I had the wonderful, hot fresh pita, red snapper and artichoke, tomato, cucumber salad, as did bro. Nephew had the big, baked lamb shank - usually what I get, but went for the fish as less heavy for the plane ride back to Boston.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, hitting up Cafe Caspian again & maybe back to Himalaya. What do you have in the way of Cambodian, Ethiopian & Turkish restos?

Cafe Caspian
12126 Westheimer Rd Ste 100, Houston, TX 77077

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  1. Haven't had Ethiopian in Houston, but here are links to a friend's blog who has been to some places in Houston (and I'm sure he may come and comment on the thread). He sounded really impressed with Sheba.

    Turkish: Istanbul Grill or Pasha (both are in Rice Village). Istanbul is more of a lunch place and Pasha is better for dinner. I have been to Istanbul a few times and I like them. If memory serves me correct, they own Ephesus Grill in Katy as well.

    brucesw on Pasha:

    You can also look up Ethiopian or Turkish in B4-U-EAT.

    And, as far as I know I don't think there is a Cambodian restaurant in Houston.

    1. I've been back to Nazareth once since my visits to Sheba and was very disappointed. There may have been a change of ownership but I can't find any record of it. The only other Ethiopian now is Blue Nile on Richmond - they have a website. Addisababa closed recently.

      Likewise went back to Istanbul for a visit after my visits to Pasha and was very disappointed. Hadn't been in a couple of years. The owner of Istanbul used to own Ephesus on Westheimer but that closed; I didn't know there was one in Katy. The only other Turkish I know of is out on Memorial - name escapes me now but it's listed on b4.

      Note both of these were one-time re-visits and I may have just hit them on bad days or ordered the wrong thing.

      Try Kasra at Westheimer @ Gessner as an alternative to Caspian; I like it a little better but Afghan Cuisine on Hwy 6 in Sugar Land is better than any of our Persian I think. I have a review on my blog (kind of dated, though).

      There is one purportedly Cambodian, Phnom Penh on Beechnut, although one of the reviewers on Yelp disagrees. Maybe you can make out enough of those pictures of the menu to tell; I know nothing of the cuisine. A friend who knows somebody who is Cambodian was supposed to get a report but I never heard back.

      Afghan Cuisine
      11920 S Highway 6 Ste 1200, Sugar Land, TX 77498

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        I drove past Phnom Penh today; there is a big for lease sign in the window.

        1. re: brucesw

          There was a pho/noodle shop in this space for a short time but that disappeared. Now there is a banner proclaiming Yahweh International Restaurant is coming. I have no idea what that is going to be. There is a social service agency that serves homeless women and children by that name but the banner said restaurant - 11236 Beechnut.

          Meanwhile I stumbled across this one this morning:

          It's Cambodian, way up in Spring.

          As I've noted elsewhere on this board, Shegar Restaurant has opened, a new Ethiopian place.