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Westchester places for lunch

Looking for a mid priced place that offers salads for the older ladies in my party and either a chicken sandwich of burger for me.. Suggestions ?

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  1. What part of Westchester-- lower, mid- upper-?

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    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

      mid to upper

    2. Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua. Wonderful place, nice atmosphere, meets your requirements.


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      1. re: menton1

        been there, not that impressed.

      2. Ruby's in Rye. Something for everyone and a nice, adult atmosphere even at lunch.

        1. Village Social in Mt. Kisco has all that. Just started opening for lunch.

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          1. re: wincountrygirl

            went here, and what nice decor. Great wine list, with many bottles at or below $50. The ladies had salads and I had the Wild Board Pizza with a glass of Ojai Chardonay. Food was good, will be back.

            1. re: slopeguy

              Village Social does not have a lunch menu on the website. Do you just order off the regular dinner menu?

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                So glad you enjoyed it!

            2. Lexington Square Cafe, Mt. Kisco
              Valhalla Station Restaurant

              Lexington Square Cafe
              510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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                Do not agree. Lexington Cafe is overpriced and under performs. Very inconsistent food and mediocre wait staff. I will say they have a nice space but that doesn't make it worthy. There are better places nearby.