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Oct 12, 2010 08:26 AM

Masa Harina, where can I buy it in Halifax (or even mail order in Canada??)

Looking to make some corn tortillas, can't seem to find Masa Harina anywhere!



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  1. I bought some at pete's a few months ago. have you tried the cafe /shop (Cafe Latino?) on the corner of Agricola and North?

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      Pete's prices drive me nuts.. but may have to consider it the only option.

      Haven't tried that Cafe... they have groceries?

      Anybody know if Mexico Lindo make their own tortillas?


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        I am pretty sure I paid less than $5 for the masa harina. I have not been to the Cafe, but a lady I work with told me they have some groceries.

    2. I recently bought a bag of Masa Mix at the Mid-East Food centre on the corner of North and Agricola. I definitely wasn't going there to look for central american food, but they have a pretty good selection of 'ethnic' ingredients from just about everywhere. There's a helpful guy at the counter willing for suggestions of what to carry at the store as well.

      This was a 2KG bag for $6.75.

      1. I'm not in Halifax, but the Superstore in Yarmouth now carries "instant corn mix" which is really masa harina (Ingredients: corn treated with lime). I assume that any Superstore could get it in if they don't carry it already. Just don't ask for "masa harina"...they aren't going to make the connection. The brand name is Maseca, and it was about $4.50 for 2 kg. I suspect fairly expensive, but in this town beggars definitely can't be choosers.

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          The last time I was at Superstore, only 4 of the 5 employees I asked knew what phyllo pastry was, let alone where to find it. There's usually one person around who knows what products are... the trick is to find them.

        2. TB
          Epicure Selections (I'm a rep) sells Masa Harina in the summer time. Its $5.95, this past summer they had tortilla presses, masa harina and corn husks for tamales.

          Other places I have seen it is at costco :)

          Hope you found some :)

          1. I get at the Superstore Fredericton. It's with the Mexican groceries. I think Walmart also carries it.