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Great steak on the menu without being a steak house??

Need a few recs for places that have a great steak on the menu without the swanky/upscale atmosphere of the typical steak houses. I've enjoyed Eastern Standard's ribeye and Franklin Cafe's steak frites. What else? Appreciate the help, my boss is in town and always seems to order the steak option where ever we go...

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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  1. I think Artu in the North End does a really nice steak. Their version is a 16 oz sirloin served with broccoli rabe and fried potatos.

    1. Perhaps the best steak I have had in Boston was at Prezza albeit very expensive.

      24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

      1. The hangar steak at Metropolis Cafe in the South End is one of the best I've had in the area, served with truffled whipped potatoes and a watercress salad. It's also a nice reasonable portion though, so if a 16 oz. cut is on your list of requirements, give this one a pass

          1. This might be out of the area you're looking for, but Tango in Arlington has a fun, festive atmosphere and really good steak. It's an Argentinian steak house.

            1. I've enjoyed the steak frites at Kingston Station.

              Kingston Station
              25 Kingston St, Boston, MA 02111

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                Had a really good strip at the Masa outpost in Woburn the other day. They offer the same dish with a ribeye.

                348A Cambridge Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

              2. I had a pretty good one at Mistral a while ago

                1. Take your boss to Gaslight? The bar steak is very good as are the steak frites. I took some out of towners there a few weeks ago and it was a very nice dinner indeed. They enjoyed the "city" feel and I enjoyed the free parking, the carafes of wine, and the skate.

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                    Gaslight is a good suggestion. The fam went there a couple of months ago for my son's birthday. My husband got the bar steak and really enjoyed it. The roasted cod with mussels and chorizo was great, too. My veggie son was happy with his pasta, too. Service was excellent. Very fun night, and didn't break the bank.

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                      I've had Gaslight's steak frites (about $19) 6 or 7 times now and think it's the best version in the South End. For me it's always been cooked consistently to temperature, with a well-seasoned exterior and a very good accompanying Bearnaise. The fries are also good, and they've come out slightly soggy just once for me over many visits. They will also bring out a nice aoli for the fries upon request. Overall, very similar in quality and size to the steak frites I had at ESK (hangar steak version, not the ribeye that the OP mentioned).

                      The beef filet dish (bordelaise sauce, whipped potatoes, asparagus; $40) at Mistral is also good, but a very different type of dish, i.e., much more of a composed dish of beef rather than a "steak" in the traditional meat and potatoes sense even though essentially the dish is basically meat and potatoes. It just didn't hit the "I want a steak" spot for me, and at double the price, I'd prefer the steak frites at Gaslight almost any day.

                      If you don't consider Hillstone (formerly Houston's) in Faneuil Hall a steak house in the more traditional sense (Grill 23, Ruth's Chris, etc.), the steaks here are tastier than most steak frites places in town. I recently found out that they switched from grilling over wood chips like they used to (had a fire at one point and stopped according to a waiter), so the new steaks don't have that hickory/applewood exterior finish they were known for anymore. Still, the NY Strip that was on special last month was fantastic. Also has a pretty lively atmosphere and bar area, good wines by the glass, a fantastic loaded baked potato (better than from any "real" steakhouse I've had).

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                          I haven't been to Brasserie Jo in about 2 years (bad experience with a gray and lifeless order of coq au vin, and a completely dried out roast capon), but I did have their steak frites once at the bar. Decent flavor, but I didn't care for the super thin, wide cut of the beef. If they've changed this up at all recently, I'd be more than willing to go back and ive it a try, especially with all the good press it's been getting on Chow in the last few months.

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                          Did I mention that the baked potato at Hillstone is DUH-RICIOUS? It is really, really good. If you haven't had it, get yourself to Hillstone, order a prime rib with a fully loaded baked potato and find yourself very happy. It's got sea/kosher salt flecks on the toasty and very edible skin, pillowy and steamy potato flesh, shredded sharp cheddar, perfectly carmelized bacon bits, chives, cold sour cream, and whipped butter melting all over the place. I eat this thing with a knife and fork, skin and all. The baked potatoes at every big brass steakhouse in town are child's play compared to this.

                      1. I had the rib eye at 51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands on Friday, as did several other people in my party. It was $34, so definitely not in the bargain category, but we all thought it was the very best piece of beef we'd had in years, perfectly marbled, perfectly cooked, just very lightly seasoned.

                        51 Lincoln
                        51 Lincoln Street, Newton, MA 02461

                        1. Maybe consider Central Kitchen in Cambridge. Their steak frites is outstanding.

                          (I think I need to go back soon -- so good!)

                          Central Kitchen
                          567 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139