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Oct 12, 2010 08:23 AM

Great steak on the menu without being a steak house??

Need a few recs for places that have a great steak on the menu without the swanky/upscale atmosphere of the typical steak houses. I've enjoyed Eastern Standard's ribeye and Franklin Cafe's steak frites. What else? Appreciate the help, my boss is in town and always seems to order the steak option where ever we go...

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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  1. I think Artu in the North End does a really nice steak. Their version is a 16 oz sirloin served with broccoli rabe and fried potatos.

    1. Perhaps the best steak I have had in Boston was at Prezza albeit very expensive.

      24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

      1. The hangar steak at Metropolis Cafe in the South End is one of the best I've had in the area, served with truffled whipped potatoes and a watercress salad. It's also a nice reasonable portion though, so if a 16 oz. cut is on your list of requirements, give this one a pass

          1. This might be out of the area you're looking for, but Tango in Arlington has a fun, festive atmosphere and really good steak. It's an Argentinian steak house.