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Oct 12, 2010 08:17 AM

I've got a bucketful of cooked what?

My daughter was experimenting and made a lot of polenta for breakfast...just very plain, cooked polenta.

There's about a bucketful left in the refrigerator.

I've never messed around with polenta before.

Can anyone suggest a use of already cooked polenta in other dishes?

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  1. You can form it into a loaf, let it set until firm. Then slice, brush with garlic butter and grill.

    We like to cook chicken and have a sauce or gravy with it and place over the warmed polenta that you have added some flavoring to.

    1. Slice it and fry it - fried polenta squares are SO good. You can serve with anything that you'd serve potatoes or rice with, or just melt some cheese on them and add whatever toppings you like for polenta "pizzas." Crispy goodness!

      1. Polenta "lasagne"...slice into 1/2" thick slabs (unflavored/unwaxed dental floss works very well to do this) and layer in a greased pan with lasagne fixin's. Cover/bake until bubbly. Can take a while depending on the size of the pan because of the density.

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          I've made this in individual size ramekins. Cut the polenta to size and use whatever's leftover to fry for another meal.

        2. Sliced fried polenta topped with bolognese sauce and parmesan.

          1. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I'm getting the picture. I'll try at least one of these.