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Oct 12, 2010 07:40 AM

Please Help--Need Lunch/Dinner Recs for Downtown Atlanta

Hello, Fellow Hounders,

i will be attending a conference next week, staying at the Atlanta Hilton on Courtland Street downtown. Need recs for lunch and dinner. Lunch: must be within a 10 minute walk of the hotel, as we have limited time for lunch. Entrees up to $15, any cuisine. Dinner: can be further afield, up to $25/entree (plus maybe one splurge), again, any cuisine. Often we're in a large group at dinner, so a couple of places willing to accommodate 6-10 people would be great. Casual atmosphere works best (except perhaps for the splurge). Only other requirement: I can't eat wheat, so pizza/sandwich places are out.

I did check the boards, but didn't really see anything in the neighborhood; however, if I missed a thread, please let me know.

Hounders always give the best recommendations, so I'm looking forward to what I'll get to try on this trip (never been to Atlanta before). I will give an update when I return at the end of the month. Thanks!

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  1. tough assignment--thats a "dry hole" area for food.For casual try Willys good mexican,very good service. Nikolais Roof in your hotel used to be "the" spot to eat,but havent been there in a a while.Russiiian theme and expensive--if you could broaden the area, you might get several suggestions

    1. I was at conference there at the end of September (stayed at Hyatt Regency on Peachtree NE). What's nice is that Atlanta cab fare is $8 one way going anywhere in midtown and downtown, with $2 per person extra in the cab, so it frees you up for dinner.

      For one dinner, we took the opportunity to enjoy South City Kitchen in midtown (1144 Crescent Ave NE), which was able to accommodate two tables of 6 in a small area off the main floor. Make your reservations! (We got ours through opentable for a Thursday night). The restaurant is casual and loud but great service, GREAT food. Entrees are $18-32, but all the apps, salads, sides and dessert will make splurging there very tempting. It deserves all the accolades it's earned on these boards.

      Azio Downtown ( 229 Peachtree NE, near your hotel) can accomodate 6-10 people prety easily too, and was just one block away from my hotel. It's a pretty restaurant, with good but standard Italian food. They were able to accomodate the five of us during the 1 hr lunchtime we got.

      Another lunch place that worked well is Social at 12 W Peachtree Pl NW (North African). It's casual and accomodates probably groups of 6 at most.

      Azio Downtown
      229 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30303-1601

      South City Kitchen Midtown
      1144 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309

      Social Restaurant & Wine Bar
      12 W Peachtree Pl NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

      1. "Where to eat in Downtown Atlanta" is unfortunately always a challenge for visitors to our fair city. People simply don't live in Downtown Atlanta; Midtown is much more like a traditional city and has many more options for a short cab ride and you'll find plenty of recommendations there on this board.
        I'll leave dinner ideas to my fellow Atlantans, but I wanted to recommend Broad Street for lunch. I work right by your hotel so I'm in that area for lunch every day. Broad Street is literally lined with lunch spots - most closed for dinner - to support the business crowd and GSU students. You can get pho, pizza (for your collegues), gyros, sushi...a whole host of great lunch places and outdoor tables nearby to enjoy our most beautiful weather of the year! I'd suggest you stroll down there at least once. The other options we like, like Azio, Hsu's and Mama Nimfa's, are more oriented for visitors in the nearby hotels, but not as interesting IMO. Enjoy!

        1. Nothing downtown is going to stun you, but Jalapeno Charlie's on Peachtree is really not bad at all. It's owned by the Fire of Brazil group, and located upstairs from one. Ray's in the City is probably a good bet for fine dining. I've eaten at the Ray's in Alpharetta a few times and thought it was pretty good.

          There are plenty of mostly hidden cafeteria-type places. I've always been very - surprisingly - satisfied with the quality of the breakfasts at Parkview Cafe, which is in the American Cancer Society building on Williams Street, but I couldn't tell you about lunches.

          Parkview Cafe
          250 Williams St NW Ste B400, Atlanta, GA 30303

          Jalapeno Charlies
          218 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

          Ray's in the City
          240 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

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