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Oct 12, 2010 06:40 AM

Fancy London restaurant suitable for large group on tight budget?

Long time lurker first time poster. We are a group of 18 postgrad students looking to celebrate passing our course. We would like to go somewhere with wow factor but the sticking point is the budget which is pretty tight about £30-£40 pp. I saw Galvin at windows do a set lunch for £45 incl wine and water but sadly they have said we would not be able to have this as we are such a large group. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks for any help!

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  1. We've often used Kettners in Soho for work functions and they do a private dining menu for £35 per head for up to 20 people.

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      I haven't been there since it changed hands (no longer a Pizza Express!) but my husband went to a private dinner at Kettners with his work last week and said it was very good. And isn't it the private dining room where Oscar Wilde was arrested?!

      1. re: themags

        Oscar was arrested at the Cadogan Hotel, according to a Betjeman poem

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          I stand corrected! Yes it was the Cadogan Hotel. Although someone better tell Kettners as they claim it was in their establishment!!

    2. there is always launceston place for lunch. one of the best values in town.

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          the problem you have here is numbers. not a lot of 'wow' factor restaurants are set-up to cater for these amounts. you're probably best looking at private dining rooms, assuming they'll apply the lunch menus (which they should in the current economic climate). i'd suggest:

          l'autre pied. they have a private dining room that seats 16, so i suspect they'd be able to push it to 18 if you don't mind cosying up a little. most importantly, their set lunch is only £22.50 so plenty of room for wine, water and service.

          hibiscus also has a private room, which does seat 18 and, again, offers belting value at lunch: 3 courses for £29.50 or £38 inc gls of wine, coffee and petit fours.

          a little less obvious, but a great london stalwart, may be l'escargot. their 'barrel' room on the top floor is totally unique. the food is still overseen by mpw and it's £18 for 3 courses, lunch or early evening (pre-theatre).

          personally, i'd plump for hibiscus. claude bosi is cooking up a storm right now (imo).