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La Hacienda Bradley Beach is no more.

Just an update of my what was our favorite Mex restaurant. La Hacienda in Bradley has closed due to a moron of a landlord who decided that he could just about double the rent on the building. We had been going there for over 10 years since they first opened, watched them grow, and the owners became like family to us. We even exchange Christmas cards, and they got us a gift for the birth of our second child! We stopped down last week, to find Alberto cleaning the last of the place out, he explained all the additional money the landlord wanted. So he was forced to close up, and will be looking elsewhere to re-open. He has my number, and will contact us when he finds a new spot. We wish him all the best, and when he re-opens, I will post here.

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  1. If he wants to go up to Middletown, there are a couple vacant spots on Rt. 35 that would be perfect. Examples: where Bando was, the spot just south of Pathmark (vacant for years), and Union Square where Midtown was. The latter probably would be the most logical, as it already has an eclectic mix of dining options.

    1. we must have been there right after they closed. disappointed is just not the word. will wait for your post of the re-opening.

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        I will definitely let everyone know when he re-opens. Unfortunately I think the Midtown spot, while would be a good location, will be a bit too big for him right now.

        @ Tuxedo: I happened to luck out and see Alberto working cleaning the place out last week, or else we would have been in the dark and very upset! I have been eating there since it was just a storefront with 2 or 3 little tables and that was it.

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          thanks! we sat outside and always enjoyed everything we ordered. even got a chuckle from overheard conversations at other tables when the waitresses were question that the tacos were not as ordered...we want crispy ones!

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            Pass it so many times & was on my to go list.....hopefully they will reopen and i can try them at another location soon. Please keep us posted.

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              noticed that the windows have been covered and a help wanted sign taped on...could they be re-opening???

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                I don't know, I know there was another restaurant looking at the space. I find it hard to believe that Alberto would go back to the same place, after the treatment from the landlord, but one never knows. I really hope they are re-opening, but in my heart I think it is something else.

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                  I happen to agree...it is only my stomach speaking when wishing they would re-open! My brain thinks it is something new!

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                    After reading your other post, we had to drive by! The permits in the window list the name as The Honeysuckle Cafe. Not sure what they will be serving, but I can pretty much be assured it won't be home made tamales! Too bad for us. I will let you know if I get in contact with Alberto and see if he is planning on re-opening somewhere else.

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                      Thanks for investigating....lol, I agree no tamales at the honeysuckle cafe!

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                        Update - Just googled Honeysuckle Cafe...seems it is the name of a boardwalk place and the actual name of the ex-La Hacienda location is going to be the Buttered Biscuit...( they are on facebook )

        2. I think I read somewhere that the people who operated Honeysuckle on the boardword were moving to a real restaurant space in Bradley....