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Oct 12, 2010 05:03 AM

VERY inexpensive in Mt. Kisco

I'm making plans to have dinner, (or some form of a dinner time get together that isn't traditional) with a couple who has just started to "come up from drowning" financially.
We can't meet at each others house because of distance problems but I'm wondering if there's anything in addition to Lalittas(new Ethiopian) that we can consider in Mt. Kisco. We can do other towns between Ridgefield and lower Westchester that won't send us each too far to meet.
One vegetarian among us but no other restrictions. we are all creative home cooks and eat ANYTHING.

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  1. If ambience is not important, Lefteris has good Greek food at very low prices.

    1. Definitely Touch of Jamaica (search for reviews on CH)...and it's BYOB!

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      1. re: Marge

        thanks! made reservations for Jamaican. Last night I met the owner of a new place named Village? in Mt. Kisco. He said the Jamaican is terrific! I'm so looking forward to it- and the vegetarian in the mix is excited for plantains and peas!

        1. re: yeshana

          Wow, I am surprised they take reservations there given that it's just a storefront with a few tables.

      2. Agree with Lefteris...also The mt.kisco Coach diner is good and Gerrardo's across from friendly'S is good italian food thats reasonable. Also, David Chen's in Armonk is reasonable decent chines food

        1. The original comment has been removed