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Spring report

parisjo Oct 12, 2010 04:29 AM

This was actually posted on another site on the day following our meal at Spring on October 6. Suffice it to say, we again loved our meal and will return again and again to visit Daniel Rose every time we are in Paris!

I'm really behind in my blogging but I did want to thank AiP and her wonderful hubby for a decadent evening at our favourite restaurant last night. It was so nice to finally meet someone I've "talked" to online on several websites. You both made us feel instantly comfortable and we really enjoyed getting to know you both.

Dinner was spectacular, but I never expect any less from Mr Rose. His new place in the 1st is a shiny jewel with the open kitchen as the centerpiece, where diners can watch the master at work. Despite all his wild success, Daniel remains calm, humble, sweet, witty and dedicated to giving people the freshest ingredients in the most imaginable ways possible. There are 3 floors ~ the main floor which houses the kitchen and main dining room, the first basement level with the newly opened wine bar, and the second basement level which stores all the carefully chosen wines in a controlled cellar.

We were warmly welcomed by Daniel, who recognized us from our previous encounters (he even remembered meeting me and my daughter outside the Spring boutique in May!). we met Mr and Mrs AiP just a moment later and got the party started! We were joined by friends of AiP since my friends had to cancel dinner with us at the last minute. Conversation flowed like we had known everyone for years and we really enjoyed meeting people from such varied backgrounds and experiences.

The food......ah, what can I say about the food except that it was magnificent. Daniel has this knack for putting things together that shouldn't really go together, but they just do. (I will apologize for the lack of detail in my course descriptions. I was having too much fun talking with AiP and the rest of our tablemates to take notes, as was Den, who never even thought of taking out the camera.) The first course was a medley of fall mushrooms in a foam with pomegranate seeds ~ it was a revelation of autumn flavours, earthy and meaty and just delicious. We then had a huge shrimp in a tempura type batter served with a carpaccio of fish underneath. Very fresh and light. Our main meal was veal sweetbreads and tete de veau with a variety of radishes and parsnips in a wonderful sauce. This was my introduction to sweetbreads and what a revelation it was ~ they were slightly crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside. I will be looking for them on menus from now on. We then shared a fantastic cheese course which including a selection of about 6-7 different cheeses, including brebis, roquefort, brie de Meaux, cantale and a very runny Epoisse, which was almost orgasmic!

We were then served 3 dessert courses ~ apple with thyme ice cream, chocolate quenelle with a salted caramel sauce, and an olive oil ganache on a little pool of mures reduction ~ needless to say, they were all delicious and sinful and I think I dreamt about them last night!

We shared 3 bottles of fantastic wine (1 white and 2 reds, and unfortunately I don't know anything about them except that they were expensive and delicious!) Our meal lasted almost 4 hours and time flew by as we were consumed with great food and conversation. Daniel served us one last little morsel of fun, 2 tiny squares of graham crackers with something runny and yummy in between. We were the last ones to leave Spring at a little past midnight and I can honestly say that this was, once again, the culinary highlight of our trip. This place is such a contradiction ~ it's both a temple of high culinary offerings and a fun, down to earth joint where one can relax and just enjoy the taste sensations that keep coming.

AiP, it was a treat meeting you and D and sharing a table and an evening with your friends. A la prochaine!

  1. juliemarie8 Oct 12, 2010 07:23 PM

    I'm moving to Paris in 5 months, and based on your post, I've just decided it's okay to use all my savings to eat at Spring twice a week so I don't continue to miss out on things like mushrooms in pomegranate and all 3 of those desserts. When I'm living under a bridge, I'll come back and blame you. But I doubt I'll regret it. Thanks for the report. :)

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    1. re: juliemarie8
      Parigi Oct 13, 2010 12:40 AM

      If you lunch at Spring twice a week, you need not live under a bridge. -- Am I the only one to think that the lunch, while costing half as dinner, is just as good?
      And don't forget to book 3, 4 months in advance, or you'll be eating kebab under the said bridge.

      1. re: Parigi
        John Talbott Oct 13, 2010 09:38 AM

        "Am I the only one to think that the lunch, while costing half as dinner, is just as good?"
        I'm with you.
        A rose is a rose is a rose.

        1. re: John Talbott
          mangeur Oct 13, 2010 11:55 AM

          "A rose is a rose is a rose." Hooboy...

    2. mangeur Oct 13, 2010 11:52 AM

      I'm going to throw some sand into the gears about now by suggesting that much of the enjoyment of Spring comes directly from Daniel's and Marie's infectious joy and enthusiasm which they have transmitted to Fabian and Sophian et al. Would I commit two months in advance for the same food served without their dusting of magic dust? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

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      1. re: mangeur
        Jake Dear Oct 13, 2010 05:06 PM

        Magic dust -- maybe there is some of that. We dined there the same night as Jo. The food was great, and she describes it well. But part of the charm of the place does indeed come from Daniel Rose and his staff. By the way, speaking of charm, he spoke with us after dinner outside his door for at least 5 minutes (we were among the first to depart at about 23:00, having still not fully recovered from CLJ the night prior). We learned two things: Rose reads Chowhound although, he said, he "shouldn't." Second, Fabian, whom we enjoyed as our waiter, is leaving to ... join the foreign legion.

        We found the place lived up to the hype, and we will gladly return for more dust -- next for lunch. -- Jake

        1. re: Jake Dear
          John Talbott Oct 13, 2010 06:27 PM

          "Fabian, whom we enjoyed as our waiter, is leaving to ... join the foreign legion. "
          Yah, that's what we were told too, just before he (Fabian, getting into role) came over to me whilst I was chatting with two Terminatorians and said "Go back to your seat, Mr. Talbott and stop bothering the customers." French humor.

          1. re: John Talbott
            mangeur Oct 13, 2010 06:36 PM

            I was hoping that his reported departure to the FL might also be the result of French humor.

            1. re: mangeur
              John Talbott Nov 26, 2010 12:36 PM

              Two news items:
              First: Fabien is apparently thinking of going the French Red Cross route instead of the FFL; same adventure, more or less the same venues, fewer bullets, probably better food.
              Second: despite harsh web-reports of the welcome, delivery of plates, service, wine prices, etc., etc., four of us ate there/here today with very good results. Some pix are at http://www.typepad.com/site/blogs/6a0...

              1. re: John Talbott
                eatfood Jan 6, 2011 06:26 PM

                John Talbott,
                Just wanted to note that the link you posted there doesn't seem to work.

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