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Oct 11, 2010 11:12 PM

Coco Hut - Pretty Good Noodles

Coco Hut is a 10 or so table restaurant in a strip development off Capstan Way in Richmond. It is clean and well appointed. The house special is Hainanese chicken rice which is reasonably priced at $19 for a whole chicken with 5 bowls of rice and soup. Not my favourite so didn't partake but others may be interested. Instead we concentrated on fried noodles - mee goreng, char kway teow and Singapore spicy noodles which as I recall are not actually served there. All were good sized servings and cost between $6 and $7. I would say the char kway teow was the most authentic; nice bite and tasty Chinese sausage with yummy sauce. The Mee Goreng tasted good but not quite like the real deal and the Singapore noodles needed more bite but were certainly acceptable.

Sometimes all we need is reasonably priced well prepared food even if it is not completely authentic. I would say that the food at Coco Hut is better tasting and certainly better value than I have had at some other Asian restaurants in town with much higher pretensions.

The menu has a mix of noodle and rice dishes as well as noodles in soup and curry chicken and beef.

1118 8328 Capstan Way
604 270 3368

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  1. Been here half a dozen times. All during lunch. They have some lunch specials. It is reasonably priced. It is as authentic as my $40rmb man purse. But the value is good.
    It seems to be hk style run. One of the worse curry laksa in the city. It is more a hk style curry laksa which isn't my preference. The Hainan chicken is ok. With rice, soup condiment and drink. Barley etc.. . Cafe dlite in broadway is better in food quality.
    It is a reasonable alternative. Philx is definitely right that it isn't authentic. But some decent value or
    lunch. Food 6 service 5 value 6.5