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Oct 11, 2010 09:41 PM

I am thai in Sunnyside

Hadn't been in awhile, and got some really good takeout the other day--excellent shrimp with green curry very spicy--and good portion--and veg ginger soup--it's very tasty there--

Their soups look very good there, saw some as I was waiting--their basil spicy noodles are good, too. Their lunch special is a good deal.

A convenient and reliable takeout--

What else is good there?
I remember someone mentioning the curry puffs--although ground chicken doesn't appeal to me.

Anyone try the tumeric chicken?

Nice owner, chef, also. And the place got an A on their inspection, proudly displayed.

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  1. I really like the cod with red curry. Also, I get the curry rolls instead of the puffs. You get chunks of chicken as opposed to ground.

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    1. re: donovt

      I ordered the curry rolls with masaman curry and they were very good, not chunks of chicken but thin slices of white breast meat. Did not like the seared chive dumplings though, totally gooey..nothing like the version at SRI. Anyone had the chicken with garlic rice or peanut noodles and shrimp?

      1. re: janie

        i've had the chicken with garlic rice - it's solid. egg was way overcooked but it was delivery so i was willing to overlook it. chicken a little dry but overall still tasty dish and an ample portion size

    2. I ordered the Tumeric chicken once, it sounded good, but was just a breaded chicken cutlet, a bit blah. Can't remember if there was a dipping sauce with it, probably was & was completely forgettable obviously, maybe a sweet chile sauce?

      That said I use I AM Thai as my go-to delivery Thai for where I reside, but I try to have on hand the "missing" ingredients: cilantro, chiles or Sriracha sauce, fish sauce, etc... That elevates it greatly, since they are fast & the food is pretty fresh. And you're right, the owner is very nice & personable & I'm sure he would customize any dish, he seems to like feedback.
      I've stopped buying at the local Chinese takeout joints since the main ingredients taste so old.

      I also use Thai-Malay delivery since they too are very quick & the food is ok, but it doesn't taste like any Thai or Malay food I have ever had, I have no idea what they are doing..... but it still is strangely pleasant in an odd way.