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Oct 11, 2010 08:18 PM

Leandro's pizza?

I lived in Phily a few decades ago. I still think the best pizza I ever had came from Leandro's, a storefront window below one of the stops on the Frankford El. Does anyone know where I mean? The pizza was thin-crusted and extremely savory and delicious. Sometimes I would get a slice, sometimes a whole pie. I do miss it!

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  1. I surely do. I worked for an agency at the corner of Griscom and Overington Sts. in Frankford from '76 through '81 and Leandro's was a favorite. I remember the tiny concession that was right under the stairway of the Margaret St. El stop. They later moved into a larger space a few blocks down Frankford Ave. The best was the ground sausage pizza - hot, rich and spicy on a crispy crust. I hadn't thought of them in years.

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      I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I have to say that Leandro's set the standard for pizza for me, and no other pizza place has ever risen to that level. My boyfriend at the time was vegetarian, so I never tried the sausage pizza, but even the plain cheese pizza was a real delight, ever time. Amazingly good.

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        I was vegetarian then as well but still had an occasional slice of sausage. I maintain a vegetarian diet to date but have never been tempted by anyone else's sausage pizza.
        That's how good it was

    2. Leandro's still exists at 4501 Frankford Ave. near Sellers. There is another Leandro's near to Margaret St., but the 4501 location is where the shop moved when the El was reconstructed. Last time I was there the son from the original Leandro's was working. The slices are still the same!!!

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        You are the best! I am so happy that you told me this. I live in the Boston area now, but my mother still lives in Philly, and I'll check it out! It was too good to fail.