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Oct 11, 2010 08:14 PM

Slanted Door Advice

Well, all these years and I've never gone... but some friends were kind enough to present us with a generous gift card, so I guess it's going to happen, and DH and I will be headed to the Slanted Door sometime soon. So... how much would you order for 2 eaters who don't like to over order (and rarely eat desserts) and what, if anything is a "not to miss"? We are figuring that a decent chunk of the credit is going to go for a nice wine, as their Alsatian/German/Austrian selection of whites is pretty impressive.

A few minor constraints -- I'm pretty much an omnivore, but DH has problems with very rich dishes and too much red meat (grass fed beef is generally okay, and lean lamb, but not other beef). Eggplant is also out in his opinion, as are things like oysters and scallops unless I just want them to myself.

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

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  1. Their whole roasted fish is delish. It's my fav, and silly me, I have it every time I'm there. I'm also selfish - I don't share it. Also, I don't let them bone the fish - it's fun to pick at the bones and tail, etc.

    1. I love the Dungeness crab noodles, the fresh spring rolls (I actually prefer the vegetarian ones to the ones with shrimp and pork), and many of the appetizers. I just glanced at the current online menu, and many of the meats are grass fed, so you should be fine there. I've also loved everything on the vegetable/vegetarian side of the menu there -- the tofu is fantastic, especially.

      As for how much to order, I think that one appetizer, two entrees and one vegetable (or two appetizers and no vegetables, etc.) would be fine. In general when I go there with a larger group we tend to order one less entree than people we have (when it's a group over four), but with only two, I'd definitely go for two entrees.

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        I would also recommend the crab noodles. I've only been to SD two or three times, but that's consistently been my favorite dish.