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Oct 11, 2010 07:26 PM

Bakeries and Baked Goods providers

Staying in the north west area of Houston and wondering where one goes for great scones (drier, less sweet variety a la british cream scones) flakey buttery crispy croissants, or other palatable classic bakery breakfast fare. Anywhere near dairy ashford and westheimer or over by the heights would be great but really anywhere that's worth trying will be appreciated.
I hear Andre's is terrific but haven't made it yet. Tried Phoenecia today which was amazing for all of it's offerings but didn't quite have our classic morning choices (though honestly i didn't try the croissant...)

Is there something worth trying?
Thanks Houston hounds!

Oh and ps. Are there any cupcake or cookies that stand out in this town?

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  1. 3 Brothers bakery on South Braeswood and Stella Link off Loop 610

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      I'll be back in town over the holidays and I plan on trying 3 Brothers. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Having previously only heard of Andre's as the viable croissant option in Houston, I went there. Very underwhelming results. Not crunchy/flaky enough, a bit too sweet... Meh.

      Isn't there anywhere that has great authentic cream scones and crispy magnificent croissants??

      I will fill the void with breakfast tacos in the meantime.

      1. re: plumtart

        Some places you might try also: near the location you cited (further west out Westheimer) Tuttopane, a Venezuelan/Italian bakery/cafe (there is a big Italian influence in Venezuelan cuisine). Mostly they do cakes and breads by request rather than have a lot on display when you go it but I'm sure they would do croissants, may have even had croissant sandwiches or as filled breakfast pastries when I've been in.

        In River Oaks, near the original Andre's, French Gourmet Bakery, on Westheimer west of Shepherd, and French Riviera Bakery on Chimney Rock just north of Richmond and possibly Acadian Bakers on Alabama in Montrose. I can't vouch for any of their croissants but they should have them, baked in house and maybe you'll be pleased with some of them.

        BTW I think I've read Andre's is part of a chain now.

        I have no clue on cream scones. Around here, breakfast tacos and kolaches are typical breakfast fare. If you haven't tried the latter, ask for recommendations (just be sure to avoid Kolache Factory, a chain).

        1. re: plumtart

          Here's a place with cream scones on the menu that I just came across:

          in Montrose

      2. Best croissants I've had in Houston are at Kraftsman Bakery on Montrose near West Alabama. They aren't consistently fab, but usually good and occasionally spot on. Their other baked goods are really really good - muffins particularly. The croissants at Tiny Boxwoods look perfect, but can be too greasy.

        Scones I make myself as Houstonians don't really get them.

        Unfortunately the Heights desperately needs a bakery, Da Capo's is great for bread, cookies and lunch, but not the sort of breakfast Frenchie pastry that I think you are looking for. There are loads of panaderias, but again, not quite what you are looking for.

        Tiny Boxwoods
        3614 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77027