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Oct 11, 2010 06:30 PM

Besides the obvious pies, what will you serve for Thanksgiving dessert?

I'm tired of traditional desserts and want to do something different. Can I steal some of your ideas. I'm thinking of baking that Irish sticky toffee pudding that was on another thread.

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  1. My aunt runs Thanksgiving, but I'm hoping to get the green light on an apple cider bundt cake with caramel glaze. I'll do a trial run for work at least! I made it as cupcakes and they were a hit, but I didn't find the cider flavor to be strong enough. An experiment with reducing the cider a little or just better cider is in order.

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      You can buy instant hot apple cider drink packets in the coffee/hot chocolate section of your grocer's and use in your cake batter, which should bump up the cider flavor. I used it in an apple cider cobbler which was delicious. You can also use it in a glaze with a bit of hot water or milk to dissolve then whisk in powdered sugar for a quick glaze.

      Now that you mentioned apple cider, I very well may make the cobbler for Thanksgiving. I'm still undecided yet but vying for a spot on the table are apple dumplings in puff pastry, sweet potato cheesecake and assorted mini tarts (so far, subject to change)

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        Do you mind sharing the cupcakes recipe? Sounds perfect for fall baking!

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          Absolutely. They are very quick to make, too! I used the recipe on this blog, and the author links to her caramel icing recipe at the bottom of the post:

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            you know, i'm so over the bacon-with-everything trend, but i have to say i'll bet it would be an awesome addition to those cupcakes (maybe just a little bacon fat in the batter) would some minced fresh rosemary.

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              Thank you so much for the recipe. Will be making it soon!

        2. Last year I made CI's pumpkin cheesecake and it was a hit.

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              I was thinking about doing a pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust this year.

            2. ginger molasses cake, a dark chocolate cranberry tart, and an apple-cherry tart/crostata are my go-tos in addition to pumpkin pie.

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              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                ghg, would you mind posting that ginger molasses cake recipe, please? Sounds amazing and combines two of my favorite ingredients! :) TIA!

                1. re: LauraGrace

                  of course my personal recipe is gluten-free, but you can just use your preferred AP or cake flour for it...


              2. I always have loaves of gingerbread. The family likes an iced lemon cake... don't get this. A couple of times, I've mixed in a butternut squash and maple chestnut pie for one of the pumpkins, and it was a hit but snubbed at first. Depending on numbers of invitees, sometimes an apple streusel pie, no nuts.

                this year, i'm toying with pumpkin bread pudding, gingerbread, mini chocolate tart bites, some sort of baked/stewed/poached fruit, and that stupid pie. i'll prolly do 3 total.

                1. Goodhealthgourmet, the chocolate cranberry tart is right up our alley. Sounds wonderful! Could you share your recipe?

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                  1. re: laredo

                    i always try to tweak my recipes to be less of a nutritional nightmare than the standard, and this one is no exception. it's certainly not health food, but...


                    just a note that i've started using a combination of almond & coconut flours in my "pastry" crusts these days, and my new favorite sweetener is coconut palm sugar.

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                      That sounds interesting. Is it on the tarter side?

                      1. re: jindomommy

                        depends somewhat on the tartness of your cranberries and the bitterness of your chocolate, but you can adjust the sugar to suit your tastes. i don't have much of a sweet tooth, so the recipe as written is actually a bit sweet for my personal preference, but i typically make it for people who like it that way, and since most of the baking i do is for others to enjoy, that's what they get :)