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Besides the obvious pies, what will you serve for Thanksgiving dessert?

I'm tired of traditional desserts and want to do something different. Can I steal some of your ideas. I'm thinking of baking that Irish sticky toffee pudding that was on another thread.

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  1. My aunt runs Thanksgiving, but I'm hoping to get the green light on an apple cider bundt cake with caramel glaze. I'll do a trial run for work at least! I made it as cupcakes and they were a hit, but I didn't find the cider flavor to be strong enough. An experiment with reducing the cider a little or just better cider is in order.

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      You can buy instant hot apple cider drink packets in the coffee/hot chocolate section of your grocer's and use in your cake batter, which should bump up the cider flavor. I used it in an apple cider cobbler which was delicious. You can also use it in a glaze with a bit of hot water or milk to dissolve then whisk in powdered sugar for a quick glaze.

      Now that you mentioned apple cider, I very well may make the cobbler for Thanksgiving. I'm still undecided yet but vying for a spot on the table are apple dumplings in puff pastry, sweet potato cheesecake and assorted mini tarts (so far, subject to change)

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        Do you mind sharing the cupcakes recipe? Sounds perfect for fall baking!

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          Absolutely. They are very quick to make, too! I used the recipe on this blog, and the author links to her caramel icing recipe at the bottom of the post:


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            you know, i'm so over the bacon-with-everything trend, but i have to say i'll bet it would be an awesome addition to those cupcakes (maybe just a little bacon fat in the batter)...as would some minced fresh rosemary.

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              Thank you so much for the recipe. Will be making it soon!

        2. Last year I made CI's pumpkin cheesecake and it was a hit.

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              I was thinking about doing a pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust this year.

            2. ginger molasses cake, a dark chocolate cranberry tart, and an apple-cherry tart/crostata are my go-tos in addition to pumpkin pie.

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                ghg, would you mind posting that ginger molasses cake recipe, please? Sounds amazing and combines two of my favorite ingredients! :) TIA!

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                  of course my personal recipe is gluten-free, but you can just use your preferred AP or cake flour for it...


              2. I always have loaves of gingerbread. The family likes an iced lemon cake... don't get this. A couple of times, I've mixed in a butternut squash and maple chestnut pie for one of the pumpkins, and it was a hit but snubbed at first. Depending on numbers of invitees, sometimes an apple streusel pie, no nuts.

                this year, i'm toying with pumpkin bread pudding, gingerbread, mini chocolate tart bites, some sort of baked/stewed/poached fruit, and that stupid pie. i'll prolly do 3 total.

                1. Goodhealthgourmet, the chocolate cranberry tart is right up our alley. Sounds wonderful! Could you share your recipe?

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                    i always try to tweak my recipes to be less of a nutritional nightmare than the standard, and this one is no exception. it's certainly not health food, but...


                    just a note that i've started using a combination of almond & coconut flours in my "pastry" crusts these days, and my new favorite sweetener is coconut palm sugar.

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                      That sounds interesting. Is it on the tarter side?

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                        depends somewhat on the tartness of your cranberries and the bitterness of your chocolate, but you can adjust the sugar to suit your tastes. i don't have much of a sweet tooth, so the recipe as written is actually a bit sweet for my personal preference, but i typically make it for people who like it that way, and since most of the baking i do is for others to enjoy, that's what they get :)

                    2. I make creme caramel (not flan). Also, the cranberry tart from Martha Stewart's ENTERTAINING. I might make an apple crisp.

                      If you want to chocolatize the cranberry tart I make, Laredo, brush the cool, baked nut crust with ganache, and let that and the cranberry/sugar mixture cool before putting the cranberries in the crust.

                      1. Last year, I made pumpkin bread w/out the fat (absorbed the egg mixture much better) and used that to make a pumpkin bread pudding. It was the surprise hit.

                        1. In and amongst the more traditional desserts, I'm going to make phyllo triangles filled with sweetened ricotta and cinnamon and serve a bowl of berry coulis on the side. I can make and freeze the triangles ahead of time and they will make for a small sweet bite for those who don't want a big heavy dessert after a big heavy meal.

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                            Love that idea. Everybody wants me to make the usual pies and cheesecake, but then are too full to eat them. This sounds perfect.

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                              I thought it would be a good idea to make all bite sized desserts one year. It was a LOT of work.

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                                Yep, bite size = time! That's why I like the phyllo triangles -- I can make and freeze in advance.

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                                  The ricotta freezes alright without weeping? This sounds like a great dessert to just have on hand in the freezer for sweet tooth emergencies!

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                                    I haven't had any problems with weeping -- just make sure you bake from frozen.

                          2. Cinnamon ice cream. Goes with practically anything that shows up for dessert!

                            1. I'm going with an Italian theme. pumpkin zabaglione, almond tiramisu, and a hazelnut chocolate ganache tart.

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                                Oh...pumpkin zabaglione...that sounds so yummy. I guess I could do a pumpkin tiramisu.

                              2. All this talk of Thanksgiving, yum! I'm still ironing out the final menu but a pumpkin rice pudding is definately on the dessert table. Earlier this year we overdosed on mini pecan pie muffins and nutella bites..for family I'll probably make a double batch of both to take home. I'm still considering a candy or nut crunch with pumpkin seeds. Last week I made candied apples with crushed pumpkin seeds and crushed pistachio nuts and the kids loved those...maybe I can figure out a candied apple bark...hmmm.

                                anyway, thanks for all the posted inspiration above. I really enjoy reading your go to recipes.

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                                  Can you post the pumpkin rice pudding recipe? Sounds delicious.

                                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream


                                    This version, posted on Real Simple, is the recipe I use most because it's very creamy. Instead of the brown sugar crumble, I use warmed maple syrup right before serving. Plays well against the cooled pudding.

                                    I've also tried this version, which is a firmer rice pudding; slices.


                                2. Kinda traditional but I like bread pudding. Easy, comforting, and tasty enough to be eaten up even with a bellyful of turkey. There are cranberry and butterscotch versions for variety beyond the usual cinnamon/raisin type.

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                                    I will definitely be making Pichet Ong's kabocha squash tart in a lime-scented graham cracker crust again this year because it is MY favorite. My runner up is sweet potato pie. but it probably will not be made this year. The family always insists on mincemeat and pecan.

                                    For those who like cranberry and apple, a good alternative to pie is an cranberry apple crisp recipe originally published by Richard Sax. I really love it. Will put it up here if anyone is interested.

                                  2. Granted this is a pie, but I make Tish Boyle's Chocolate Cream Pie (only with my regular crust not a cookie crust) and it is always the first pie to go....and we have some seriously good pies.

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                                      Is it really that good? I'm doing a bunch of desserts, but was looking for a chocolate pie. I was going to do Kate Zuckerman's caramel chocolate pie.

                                    2. I often make Galatoire's sweet potato cheesecake (http://events.nytimes.com/recipes/549...) along with pecan pie. But this year my mom is visiting and she has requested pumpkin pie, which I haven't made in years, so that's what we're having. There are potentially going to be a lot of people at the meal and I'm only having two pies, but instead of adding another pie I'm doing a cheese course, accompanied by walnuts, pears, and some yummy plum jam I put up a month ago.

                                      1. I like non-traditional desserts too (however, I can devour an apple pie). Some of my favorites are:

                                        * chocolate risotto
                                        * pumpkin mousse pie on graham or gingersnap crust (fluffier and mellower than regular pumpkin pie, which I don't care for)
                                        * eclair pie
                                        * cranberry crunch bars (with or without chocolate)
                                        * pumpkin cake-cookies with brown sugar icing
                                        * eggnog cookies (maybe more Christmas-y, but who cares?)

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                                          ooohhhh, cranberry crunch bars! I love cranberries! Can you share that?

                                          1. re: morwen

                                            It's soooo easy!

                                            1/2 canister Quaker quick oats
                                            1 small box brown sugar
                                            Flour - I don't really measure, but it should be about the same amount as the brown sugar
                                            3 sticks unsalted real butter
                                            1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice
                                            1 tsp ground clove
                                            2 cans cranberry sauce (smooth or with whole berries)
                                            Optional: 1-2 cups chocolate chips

                                            Soften the butter (I use a LOW microwave power setting for 1 minute; you don't want it melted, just soft enough to cream it together with the flour and sugar). Cream the butter with flour and sugar, then add oats and spices and mix well. Press half the oat crust mixture into a baking dish. Spread cranberry sauce on top. Add chocolate chips if desired. Add second half of crust mixture (I use a "crumble drop" method with my hands for the top layer, because it's hard to spread over the cranberry layer). Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream. It is divine. The cranberry sauce loses some of its tartness as it cooks, and the spices make it taste like Thanksgiving. :)

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                                            What is chocolate risotto? Is it like a rice pudding?

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                                              I originally got the recipe from a Williams-Sonoma desserts cookbook. It's just risotto cooked with milk, and then make a chocolate ganache that you stir into the cooked risotto. It's a LOT like a rice pudding, but better. ;)

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                                                Sounds good. I have a WS dessert cookbook and will check to see that has it.

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                                                  here's the simplest one i could find:

                                                  i like the idea of the citrus zest in this one (but i'd skip the rum just because i don't like it):

                                                  a little brandy could be great in there, and maybe a garnish of toasted nuts.

                                                  you could also go the white chocolate route:

                                                  this all has me thinking about ways to alter my Cocoa-fig rice pudding...

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                                                    Thanks--I guess it's just a chocolate rice pudding made w/ arborio rice (or other short grain w/out getting into an authenticity question). I'm actually wondering if I could go the arancini route, add a center of chocolate ganache and deep frying it.

                                                    Could you just use arborio for your cocoa fig rice pudding?

                                                    1. re: chowser

                                                      Could you just use arborio for your cocoa fig rice pudding?
                                                      sure! in fact, i'll bet the extra starch would make it super-creamy. yum.

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                                              Eclair pie? Please please please elaborate!

                                              1. re: buttertart

                                                This is the eclair pie: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eclair-C...

                                                But AllRecipes one calls for an extra cup of milk, which I have never done. My aunt made it years ago with just two cups of milk, and that's how I've always done it.

                                              2. re: starbucksbrew

                                                Eggnog cookie recipe or link please!!

                                              3. Mini cheesecakes in muffin tins. Dollop of whatever fruit preserves you have or something more creative. They're always appreciated and I don't have to deal w/ a half eaten pie and can box the cheesecakes up easy for guests to take home.

                                                I spend so much time cooking the day before and I can make these the same day and they last well.

                                                1. Orange cheesecake with candied kumquat and ginger topping, or a quince and pear crumble with a walnut crust. I also like a chocolate-crusted mascarpone cheesecake with a candied cranberry topping - along with the usual pumpkin, apple, pecan, and for some reason, in my family lemon meringue most be there as well. Along with a ridiculous amount of bars etc. for which I refuse to be responsible, so my sister and daughter kick down some time.

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                                                    mamachef: I made that kumquat topped orange cheesecake last Thanksg and it was a BIG hit.

                                                    This year I'm making the Al di La Restaurant's pear and chocolate cake. Absolutely fab. Haven't decided what the other dessert I'm making will be.

                                                  2. Pumpkin cheesecake with caramel glaze. Mutiny if I don't do this. I do LOVE this time of year, so it's not an issue!

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                                                      Our supply of Pumpkin Spice coffee beans from Green Mountain arrived. After the first brew, we make a glaze from the coffee to top on cheesecake, pumpkin bread, Autumn muffins. Really enhances the pumpkin goodness. We all look forward to buying pumpkin spice coffee beans this time of year.

                                                      1. re: Uncle Bob

                                                        I can't make pralines to save my live... send me some...?

                                                      2. This recipe is always a big favorite at Thanksgiving:


                                                        It is not cloyingly sweet like a pecan pie. (I've never made the recommended orange-cranberry compote, whipped cream is sufficient.)

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                                                            and there's that use of apple cider vinegar in the crust....

                                                        1. That sticky toffee pudding is VEDDY British!

                                                          But I occasionally serve a Cranberry Creme Brulee. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

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                                                            I would love the recipe. Last year we did pumpkin creme brulee, and the year before caramel, so maybe this year cranberry would be fun

                                                          2. We're all about pie (pumpkin, apple and sour cherry this year) but I'm also planning to make some cinnamon gelato as an accompaniment. It should be good with leftover cranberry sauce the next day as well!

                                                            1. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and made pumpkin parfaits for dessert...sooo delish! Basically a standard pumpkin pie filling (with the addition of some dissolved gelatin to help it hold) with whipped cream folded in, layered in parfait glasses with crushed gingersnaps and whipped cream as well.

                                                              1. Apple-Cranberry-Raisin Pie. Yum! I think it's in the Fannie Farmer cookbook.

                                                                1. In addition to apple pie, I thought I would try the Galley Girl pear cake recipe found on CH. And I'd like to take a stab at Momofuku's Crack Pie.

                                                                  1. One year I made a pumpkin roll up cake (jelly roll type thing) with toffee bits in the whipped cream filling. Or a pear cranberry upside down cake. (That was a Martha recipe - sliced pears on the outside of the cake top with cranberries in the middle).

                                                                    Or a pumpkin flan.

                                                                    1. Last year I made a Spiced Pumpkin Cream Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting. It was super moist and delicious. And so easy!

                                                                      1 pkg. Spice cake mix, prepared as directed
                                                                      1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) vanilla instant pudding
                                                                      1 cup canned pumpkin (I had my son mix the ingredients and I think he used the whole can - he's not so good about reading recipe measurements)
                                                                      1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
                                                                      1/4 cup sugar
                                                                      1 egg

                                                                      Heat oven to 350 degrees. Add dry pudding mix and pumpkin to cake batter; mix well. Beat cream cheese with mixer until creamy. Blend in sugar and egg. Add to batter and mix well. Divide batter between two cake pans sprayed with "flour based" cooking spray. Bake 18 - 21 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. (I believe it took a little longer with the extra pumpkin). Remove from oven and cool 5 minutes then remove from pans and cool completely. Frost tops only of each cake with homemade or store-bought cream cheese frosting (I use canned). If desired, top with whole or chopped pecans or walnuts.

                                                                      And of course, you put the two cakes together to make a two-layer cake.

                                                                      1. Indian pudding, served up with vanilla ice cream. Takes a long time to bake and it's not pretty, but it's good!


                                                                        1. I just found this recipe for a frozen maple mousse pie in Food and Wine and it sounds DIVINE - it could easily be made into parfaits or something as well if you didn't want to do it pie style.


                                                                          1. Thanks very much, goodhealthgourmet, for the cranberry chocolate tart recipe!

                                                                            I really hope you see my note of thanks. Has been almost two weeks since I have been able to get back to chowhound.

                                                                            You are very kind to share.

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                                                                            1. re: laredo

                                                                              aww, no need to thank me - it's always my pleasure to share :) i just hope you enjoy it!

                                                                            2. I second the recommendations for apple crisp and bread pudding. Traditional holiday comfort food, not just tasty but also nostalgic.

                                                                              There's a hybrid of two traditional desserts called Pecan Pie Brownies, a brownie base topped with pecan pie filling. Seriously decadent, even before you add the whipped cream or ice cream.

                                                                              Another nice option is Chocolate Baklava...

                                                                              Or a mint rice pudding with toasted almonds, refreshing after a big rich meal.

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                                                                              1. re: eclecticsynergy

                                                                                I hadn't thought of bread pudding, but what a great idea. And Friday morning breakfast leftovers! I do a chocolate babka bread pudding. Fairway makes a pretty good Babka that I use as the base.

                                                                                1. re: eclecticsynergy

                                                                                  Pecan Pie Brownies? wow, i just got a sugar rush just thinking about it. those are my mom's two favorite desserts... may have to attempt. Is it as simple as making a brownie batter and pouring pecan pie filling on top and baking together?

                                                                                2. I think I am going to make a pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin rather than the can of Libby's. Who cares if everyone likes the "regular" pie I want to try something different. And I saw a recipe for Pecan Pie bars and they looked really good.
                                                                                  Boris Portnoy's Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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                                                                                  1. re: LEsherick2008

                                                                                    I made a cheesecake last Thanksgiving that got rave reviews. It was an orange cheesecake with candied kumquat topping. Very rich, but somehow refreshing.

                                                                                    My sister always makes a fantastic mince pie. Usually this kind of pie is boring to me, but she makes her own mincemeat and uses leaf lard for the piecrust.

                                                                                  2. I like this pumpkin-apple streusel cake and this pumpkin cheesecake. They deliver some of the traditional flavors that people enjoy, but not in the usual pie.



                                                                                    1. I have made an apple-chedddar gratin (think apple pie filling with sharp cheddar cheese and a crumb topping)
                                                                                      Trifle made with pumpkin bread
                                                                                      Wine poached pears with stuffed with ginger marscapone
                                                                                      Cranberry, tangerine, almond, semi-sweet chocolate bark (made in the microwave)
                                                                                      I haven't decided this year yet. I love reading everybody's creative ideas.

                                                                                      1. Our family favorite for years has been an old Better Homes and Gardens (or maybe Women's Day!) recipe for Cranberry Torte. Egg whites and cranberry relish (cranberries ground with oranges, including rind) with a little extra sugar beaten until stiff, mixed with whipped cream, and frozen on a crumbcrust in a springform pan. Never any leftovers.

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                                                                                        1. re: lihsiawang

                                                                                          That sounds great. Amounts of ingredients for the cranberry part?

                                                                                        2. Prune Cake. WONDERFUL. Very moist and a real treat. We do NOT cut it in slices as pictured but keep it in the glass caserole dish it is baked in, removing one portion at a time
                                                                                          as desired. We keep ours in the refrigerator after the first day.

                                                                                          1. Apple crisp
                                                                                            Pumpkin or cinnamon gelato
                                                                                            Pumpkin cupcakes w/cinnamon cream cheese frosting
                                                                                            Pumpkin Seed Brittle - recipe on Epicurious

                                                                                            1. I am buying dessert this year for Tksg at a chocoholic's house. A chocolate-peppermint ganache tart, from www.dozenbakeshop.com in Pittsburgh.

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                                                                                              1. re: Jay F

                                                                                                That sounds really good I will have to go to Dozen next time I am in downtown or in Oakland. Are you from Pittsburgh? I live in Somerset PA I get to Pittsburgh maybe 1 - 2 a year. I forgot but I will also be making a Oatmeal Pie along with the Libby's Pumpkin Pies.

                                                                                              2. To be honest I don't generally do the traditional desserts just because my family and friends don't celebrate "proper" American Thanksgiving. But we do like the excuse to make delicious food and have a good time!

                                                                                                For the chocolate lovers, I'm dreaming up a persimmon chocolate tart. Maybe a gingersnap crust, some macerated persimmon with the usual warm spices, and cover that in a good dark chocolate ganache. For something lighter, I'm thinking an apple layer cake: two layers of sponge cake with bits of apple baked in sandwiching a layer of custard mixed with apple jam.

                                                                                                1. I am doing a Cranberry Vanilla bean sorbet, Pumpkin Pie Trifle, Apple Tart Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream and a Chocolate Pecan Pie but here are some other suggestions....

                                                                                                  Apple, Cranberry, Crystalized GInger Pie
                                                                                                  Carmel Apple Bread Pudding
                                                                                                  Cranberry, Pear Galette
                                                                                                  Pumpkin Cheesecake
                                                                                                  Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding
                                                                                                  Maple Pecan Pots de Creme
                                                                                                  Apple Fritters
                                                                                                  Vanilla Panna Cotta with Cider Gelee
                                                                                                  a (almost) healthy alternative- Baked apples with caramel sauce

                                                                                                  1. I don't make Thanksgiving dinner - we go out to eat. But I volunteered to help my step-daughter make T-day dinner prep the day before. Got a cherry pie and pumpkin cheesecake planned. I may make spice-cake cake balls coated in white chocolate as an extra.

                                                                                                    1. Meyer lemon-meringue tart and a choclate loaf cake I found on Smitten Kitchen that's been torturing me.
                                                                                                      I thought about brulees, as I have little terra cotta ramekins which work well, but don't think I'm up for all that this year. I do have the gravy for 20 to think of.

                                                                                                      1. Our traditional pies are pumpkin (barely gets eaten), apple (about half goes) chocolate pudding pies (devoured).

                                                                                                        But my cousin always brings cream puffs. However, with a 3 week old, she won't be making thanksgiving this year, so she gave me her recipe, and I'm going to attempt. My first try at pate choux, I might even drizzle some chocolate as well.

                                                                                                        1. I'm still trying to figure out my last dessert. I usually like to have a variety of flavors and textures--and not all pie. The one constant dessert is pumpkin chiffon pie, and this year I'm adding salted caramel banana pudding pie ... so I want to make a cake or crunchy tart or something for the third dessert. We're also entertaining big groups on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'd rather not anything overly involved. I saw a yummy looking ginger apple cake recipe that I might try, but I was thinking that might work better for Tuesday than Thursday ...

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                                                                                                          1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                                                                                                            how about a molasses spice cake, or the Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread? either one would be very easy to make, *and* better made a few days ahead...so you can prepare it in advance and just set it out when you want to serve it.

                                                                                                          2. I know apple pie sounds mundane but I've been experimenting with a super deep dish apple pie. Should have taken a picture of yesterday's but I didn't and now there's only 2 slices left. Am making it for T-day so maybe a photo later.

                                                                                                            Used the BH&G cookbook's double crust recipe (food processor method) subbing butter for the shortening and adding a generous handful of xx-sharp cheddar, grated. Made 2 batches of crust.

                                                                                                            Prepared enough apples (I've got a parer-slicer-corer gadget that made this easy) to fill a 9" spring form pan level to the top with slices (about 8 cups I think) then tossed the apples with 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar, 4 tablespoons instant clear jel, a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon, a scant teaspoon of nutmeg, a pinch of cayenne (mix all dry ingredients together first), a teaspoon of vanilla, and a half a teaspoon of maple extract.

                                                                                                            I sprayed the spring form with baking spray and wiped it out. Rolled out the first batch of dough slightly thicker than for a normal pie and lined the spring form with it making sure it fit flat and snug around the bottom and sides with plenty of overlap hanging off the rim. Loaded in the apples making sure they all were packed in pretty solid and level at the rim of the pan.

                                                                                                            Then I rolled out the second batch of dough for the top crust, sat the spring form on it to mark the 9" circle. Within the circle I used an apple shaped mini-cutter to cut steam vents, reserving the cut-outs. I then trimmed the top crust about 1" wider than the marked circumference, and laid it on top of the pie. Pinched the edges of both crusts together, trimmed them and then rolled and pinched the crust around the inside edge of the spring form so that when I removed the spring form band no crust would catch on it. Then I sprinkled red sugar on the reserved apple cutouts, egg washed the top of the pie and laid the red apples between the apple shaped vents. Then sprinkled the entire top of the pie with large grained clear decorative sugar. Baked for about an hour at 375F. Stuck a fillet knife through a vent and into the apples to make sure they were tender.

                                                                                                            Sat the pie on a rack and allowed it to cool completely before removing the spring form band. Ran above knife carefully between pie and pan to make sure nothing was sticking, carefully removed band and it came off without collapsing!

                                                                                                            Looked absolutely beautiful, cut without disintegrating, and the last two slices are still standing proudly with no sagging!

                                                                                                            Goofy I know, but I've never been much of a pastry baker and I've been sort of committed this past year to improving those skills. This was an accomplishment for me both taste-wise and architecturally!

                                                                                                            1. a chocolate pecan bourbon pie
                                                                                                              mince pies with brandy butter
                                                                                                              Christmas pudding - from Marks and Spencers, it arrives tomorrow with mum!
                                                                                                              daughter is making her pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting

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                                                                                                              1. re: smartie

                                                                                                                Apple Cranberry Crisp
                                                                                                                Cranberry upside down cake
                                                                                                                Lemon Pudding Cake
                                                                                                                Rice Crispies Treats
                                                                                                                Flourless chocolate cake with blackberries
                                                                                                                Hummingbird Cake
                                                                                                                Cheese Platter with dates, honey, fruit, and spiced nuts
                                                                                                                Fresh Yogurt served with a jug of maple syrup and fruit salad

                                                                                                                Not all this year, but these are several that we rotate for parties...