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Oct 11, 2010 06:15 PM

Fresh porcini, need a recipe, preferably pasta

I found some fresh porcini at my local farmer's market. They look and smell incredible and I can't decide what to make. Usually I would wing it but these look way too good to waste.

I'm thinking pasta, maybe with some kind of cream sauce, but I am open to anything really. I'm a vegetarian so no meat, but otherwise I have no restrictions. You chowhounders have never let me down in the past and I look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Rigatoni with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. I make it with 3/4 lb of pasta, and be sure to save some pasta water -

    1. Here's an old thread of mine that might give you some ideas:

      1. Risotto, yum. That pasta recipe sounds good too. I would probably saute them with butter and thyme and serve them with a steak, but I'm a carnivore!

        1. Made the Giada recipe recommended by winos, but used fresh fettuccine. I've never made a cream sauce with marscapone before. The flavor was sweeter than a traditional cream sauce and went very well the the mushroom. Thanks for the tips!