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Oct 11, 2010 04:43 PM

Kin Shop in West Village - just opened

anyone been? thinking of having a special dinner there

Kin Shop
469 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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  1. I thought tonight was the very first night....

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      you're right. didn't realize that. going on Sat

    2. I just stopped in and tried a few things. The pork/oyster salad was great...about the only criticism I could muster is that the oysters didn't stay crispy long enough. I also had the braised rabbit which was really nice too. They could kick up the spice levels a bit, but they also give you a little bowl of spicy pepper to help yourself, so it's really not an issue.
      Even though it was the second day, they were operating pretty smoothly, and it looks like it's going to be a great little place.

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        thanks. will report back after we try it

      2. Loved it. Agree the oysters could have been more crispy. The other starter we had was the pork meatball soup. Very flavorful. The duck entree was amazing. Very succulent. Red snapper green curry was also good, but cold have used a little more sauce -- also the snapper was on the rare side, something to know if you aren't into that. The wide noodles with chicken sausage were good, but not as flavorful as the other dishes. Next time want to try the crab noodles. And the ladies both enjoyed their phooket fizz drink

        1. Went on Saturday night for the first time. Don't think the flavors quite hit the mark in the way they do at Perilla. We had the goat curry which was good, steak tartare which didn't hit the mark in terms of spicing, crab noodles which were only OK because they tasted too salty, like too much Maggi liquid seasoning had been added and the eggplant which wasn't great as some pieces were waaay too al dente. They were sold out of the pork/oyster combo which was my first choice. We love love love Perilla and hope Harold will iron out these kinks in the kitchen.

          9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014

          1. We recently went to Kin Shop, and had a fantastic meal. I was thinking I might end up disappointed, because I think Perilla is one of the best spots in the city, so I had high expectations, but Harold did not disappoint. Starting off, service was wonderful. Enthusiastic server who really knew the menu and could explain how the different dishes were prepared. For starters, we got the eggplant, scallops, and squid ink-hot oil soup.
            We actually got a very consistent prep of eggplant unlike the prior poster, no al dente or bitter pieces; was one of our favorite dishes. The squid ink soup was a gorgeous deep black color, with pieces of squid stuffed with spiced brisket. It definitely had some heat which complemented the earthiness of the broth, though would have liked to get more of the squid flesh flavor. The scallops-oh so nice to have a properly cooked scallop, can't understand how so many places get it wrong! Nice flavors including coconut, though a bit bland compared to the other dishes.
            For entrees, we got the maitake mushroom/noodle broth on the rec of our server, as well as a sea bass special with wet curry, and steamed rabbit with eggplant chutney, multigrain rice in a yellow curry. The noodles had nice chew to them, made for a pleasant side item to the others though not a standout dish. The sea bass was good, with some mild heat, and some nice herbal flavor as a backdrop. The real mindblower, though, was the rabbit: moist/perfectly cooked, with delicate flavor that nonetheless came through, combined with the sweetness of the chutney and sour spiciness of the curry. Wow. I could have eaten a dinner just of that.
            For dessert, they only have one main option plus some ice creams; we tried the passionfruit pudding with buttermilk sorbet. The pudding was fine, though that isn't my favorite style of dessert. The sorbet was like nothing I have ever tasted; very airy and light, yet with a sense of the denseness of buttermilk. A strange combination that worked wonderfully, IMHO.
            BTW, for those planning to go, apparently the dishes are meant to be shared, which is what we did. However, if you want to go it alone, the dishes are about the same size as normal starters/entrees.
            All in all, a fantastic meal especially for the price: right around $150 for 3 including tax and tip (and a couple of beers) We definitely plan to frequent it!

            9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014

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              You're making me wish I'd actually tried the ice cream or sorbet for dessert. The dessert menu just didn't sound so interesting at the time, though!

              I got the massaman goat like jellygood and thought it was excellent, definitely as good if not better than Perilla in its heyday. (I think Perilla's slipped in the past year or two.) The goat was a slice of neck, I think, and left on the bone, which I like. And it came with these beautiful diced purple yams, sauteed greens and shredded coconut. The dish had HUGE flavors.

              Also liked my appetizer, a special of fried duck tongue and green papaya salad. The breading didn't stay crispy and was a little hard (it sounds like between the oysters and the tongue, Dieterle should just drop the breading thing, huh?), but again, the flavors were spot on.

              On the other hand I really didn't like my dining companion's tomato soup, which came with these strange, hard granules of mung beans and tofu.

              I didn't think the prices were all that inexpensive, at least not for the kind of casual neighborhood place that Kin Shop presents itself as. Two appetizers, two entrees and two cocktails set us back a little over $100, not including tip.

              9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014