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Oct 11, 2010 03:51 PM

Raleigh and Greenville, NC

Does anyone have recommendations for a nice (but not too fancy) lunch in Raleigh on a Saturday? No BBQ please since I already have plenty of recs for that from reading here. Also, Naco, what's good in Greenville besides B's and the Thai places? Thanks for all of your great posts!

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  1. Saeng Thai closed recently. Thai Kitchen is pretty good, but the service is not usually as good as it was at Saeng Thai.

    What are you looking for, exactly? The various barbecue places in and around Greenville would normally be my top recommendations, on the strength of uniqueness. Bear in mind that most of my Greenville postings are aimed at someone who lives in Greenville and is looking for something other than chains.

    1. In my opinion the BEST restaurant in Greenville & surrounding area is Starlight Cafe. The menu is diverse & always changing, Chef Toby is excellent & experienced, the Boutilier Family does a fantastic job, the service is attentive and the atmosphere most attractive. This is where you go for an enjoyable dining evening. Open for lunch as well.

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        Thanks, NXS. I'm definitely looking for non-chains like Starlight. I love to support local businesses. I'll be visiting my mom, who lives in Greenville. She's new there so she hasn't tried many places yet.