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No Zagat ratings of Disney restaurants?

I just looked at Zagats and can't find ratings of any Disney restaurant. I could've sworn they've been inlcluded in the past. Any ideas?

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  1. You could always look around here for disney area restaurant reviews rather than zagat... I believe Yosemite Sam did a full list of Restaurants in the area.

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      If the OP is interested


      depends on who you are, but I've found the All Ears reviews to be more "mainstream" in their tastes - I think most Chowhounders are looking for something a little more advanced in palate.

    2. You expect Zagats ratings for what is essentially a Mickey Mouse operation?

      1. Zagat has published a Disney World guide in the past....

        1. I have a Zagats online subscription and they have many Disney restaurants. Vicky and Al's comes up first in Orlando when you open that page.


          On further examination, there are reviews for every part of DW, broken down by park or even area in the park. Much easier to find info there than here, but you must pay to play.

            1. Thanks to all of you - I figured out what i was doing wrong. I set my location as Orlando instead of Orlando area. I suppose since the Disney restaurants are in Lake Buena Vista, they weren't coming up.

              For one night, I'm debating between California Grill and K Restaurant and Wine Bar (Haven't been to either.) For another night, I'm debating between BlueZoo (have been) or Primo (haven't been). (Ravenous Pig is a definite on a third night.) I was looking at Zagat to see user reviews of the restaurants, to try to help me decide. Of course, I'd be interested in any of your thoughts.

              Thanks again for all your comments! And YosemiteSam, I had checked out your great post and all the Chowhound Orlando guides for tourists first so as to not drive you regular Hounders crazy. I just treat these restaurant decisions as a "full-contact sport." Too few days in Orlando, too many good choices for food!

              California Grill
              Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

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                Well, you can't go wrong with Cal Grill or K - just depends on whether you want to eat on property or not. I really like them both. Also good call on Ravenous. However, instead of either BlueZoo or Primo (which IMO are both only OK) would you consider either Chef's Table in Winter Garden (20 minutes from Disney) or Luma in Winter Park? Both are independent places that feature local ingredients and are both great options for Central Florida.

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                  Sure will! Thanks for the guidance! I'm going to see if we can get a reservation at Chef's Table - looks like an interesting place.

                  Chef's Table
                  4290 S Highway 27 Ste 106, Clermont, FL 34711

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                    I haven't heard back from Zagat yet but it sounds like you folks solved the problem.

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                      Hi Rona, what are your thoughts on Primo at this time. Some have been saying it has declined. I hope not. I'd like to have Thanksgiving there as they are doing an ala carte menu. I hate the big Thanksgiving pig out buffets. Thanks LMF

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                        I have always adored Primo. However, I haven't been back since the new chef started. I'd love to hear what other hounds have to say who've visited more recently. I know the original on-site chef took Thanksgiving very seriously, sourcing heritage turkeys, etc., and I'd be surprised if the current chef didn't take every detail just as seriously since that's Melissa Clark's way. If you do go, please report back!

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                          Melissa Kelly.

                          Primo has been one of my favorites for a long time. I think the new chef will be very good, but i've had a couple of experiences recently that indicate that they need to work on consistency. I went last week to celebrate my birthday and one person in the party had to send the med rare (it came med well) steak back and the time between and the apps being finished and the entrees being served was probably 30+ minutes and then I ended up having to run down the server to ask that we be presented with a bill.

                          While I'm griping, they ought to go back to the original sourcing for the NY strip they had on the menu 3+ years ago. It was the absolutely best steak being served in Orlando. The current one is good but not great. (I have talked with many customers (including one who is a manager of a high end steak house in Orlando who frequents Primo for their usually outstanding service) who feel the same way). I've discussed it with everybody at the restaurant.... chefs, management, and even Ms Kelly, I've been told it is the same purveyor... but it definitely isn't the same quality of beef.