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Oct 11, 2010 03:20 PM

No Zagat ratings of Disney restaurants?

I just looked at Zagats and can't find ratings of any Disney restaurant. I could've sworn they've been inlcluded in the past. Any ideas?

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  1. You could always look around here for disney area restaurant reviews rather than zagat... I believe Yosemite Sam did a full list of Restaurants in the area.

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      If the OP is interested

      depends on who you are, but I've found the All Ears reviews to be more "mainstream" in their tastes - I think most Chowhounders are looking for something a little more advanced in palate.

    2. You expect Zagats ratings for what is essentially a Mickey Mouse operation?

      1. Zagat has published a Disney World guide in the past....

        1. I have a Zagats online subscription and they have many Disney restaurants. Vicky and Al's comes up first in Orlando when you open that page.

          On further examination, there are reviews for every part of DW, broken down by park or even area in the park. Much easier to find info there than here, but you must pay to play.