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Oct 11, 2010 02:41 PM

HADLEY'S 940 College St -- new BBQ joint

Just found out they opened last week, according to Taste.T.O. (thanks Greg)..
"opened last week at College and Dovercourt, serving house-smoked ribs and pulled pork along with the obligatory sides (cornbread, cole slaw, mac'n'cheese) and homemade desserts."

Has anybody been yet? Please advise

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  1. You forgot the first part of the quote... "I'm not sure how the BBQ snobs on Chowhound missed it"

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      I like Greg, he calls 'em like he sees 'em

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        I'm too much of a gentleman to repeat any alleged libel...;-)

      2. Well, I wouldn't exactly call myself a member of the 'BBQ Mafia', but I do like a good rib. I dropped by this evening and was, well, somewhat underwhelmed.

        I ordered the half-rib dinner (which includes two sides). I chose the 'slaw and the baked beans. The beans were actually my favourite part of the meal: somewhat al-danté, not too sweet and nicely flavoured. The 'slaw was fine in a generic sort of way, but the ribs, sadly, I found to be somewhat lacking. They certainly looked great with a nice mahogany bark, and the sweet and smokey smell was quite pleasant when the dish was presented.

        Alas, the texture was a little... how would you say? Overdone. Dry. Fall-off-the-bone, but not in a tender sort of way. Sort of like ribs that were prepared for (but unsold by) lunch, and were kept as best as they could for an early dinner patron. I've done my share of home smoking, and it seemed to me that perhaps the source ribs were a tad on the lean side: not quite enough fat to properly smoke the bones into submission. The flavouring was smoke-heavy, but I liked it: go big smoke or go home, is my motto: rub/ smoke/ sauce 'balance' if for effete urbanites who are afraid of strong, bold BBQ that's not afraid to kick you in the butt and remind you of your meal hours after the fact :)

        They've only been open for two weeks, though, and I will be back. Look for review part II one day soon.


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            Thanks goofibulator...They sound like back ribs. I also loved the appropriate "al-danté" reference to the heat of The Inferno

            What places serve side ribs or spare ribs as a choice against back ribs? At least they wouldn't be dry.

          2. I had lunch at Hadley's today with my wife and her parents and we really enjoyed our meals. We shared their pulled pork sandwich, their smoked chicken club sandwich and the grilled vegetable sandwich.

            Everything tasted good and there was a nice smoke flavour in both the pulled pork and chicken club sandwiches. In addition, the fries were fresh cut and done perfectly.

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